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What kind of Vampires is this site about ?

When I first started this site I did not know if and how it was going to develop. It was not going to be about vampire fiction. It was going to be about real corpses, dead people being accused of vampirism. At first I tried to stick to these rules, but I soon found that there is no clearly defined distinction between fiction and reality.

The main problem is the fact that vampires do not exist. That - at least - is my conviction. I can not prove it. I am willing to accept the possibility that I am wrong. But unless someone comes with convincing proof of the existence of vampires, I will banish them to the realm of superstition. Having said that, I find it quite fascinating that there have been and still are people who believe in the dead returning from their graves.

So when I started to put some cases online, hoping that it would stimulate other people to do a little bit of vampire research, I tried to stick to the classical cases. Where dead people had been accused of being vampires, where their graves were opened and their restless bodies neutralised or destroyed.

That is all very well, but let us try to get to the essence of what it really is about: there are people who believe in vampires and take action to protect themselves. The situation may be different. The actions taken may be different. But in the end, this is what it amounts to.

Then I ran into other cases where people had been playing tricks on others, making them believe - for various purposes - that there was a vampire. To me it would seem that the essential thing is still there. People believe that there is a vampire and take or try to take action against it. Which is the reason why I have also included a number of cases like that.

I hope this answers some of the questions you might have. This site is not about vampires. It is about the belief in vampires.

2009 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update 20 November 2009
Photo "Cemetery France" 1990 by Rob Brautigam

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