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Thank you ever so much for your help:

Besker Inoslav
- for finding us the locations of the vampire of Varboska.

Daniel J. Wood - (USA)
- for his fascinating correspondence and his article about Barbara and the Abramelin book.

David Keyworth - (Australia)
- for sharing his fascinating source material on various old cases.

Fatih Danaci - (Turkey)
- for his much appreciated help with articles about Turkish vampires.

Franco Pezzini - (Italy)
- for his vampire knowledge, for his wisdom, and for being a true friend.

Georg Dehn - (Germany)
- for his absolutely brilliant research regarding the Abramelin book.

George Kalotychos - (Greece)
- for his additional information about the vampire of Mykonos.

Javier Arries - (Spain)
- for his interesting book on vampires and for being a good friend.

Joel - (Netherlands)
- for the interesting stories, the scans and links.

Jordi Ardanuy - (Catalonia)
- for his brilliant work as a vampire researcher.

Jorge Guitián - (Spain)
- for his information about Galician Witches and Werewolves.

Justin Blair - (USA)
- for his superb documentary film on Romanian vampires.

Ljubisa Gajic - (Serbia)
- sadly no longer among us - for his long friendship and information on Serbian things.

Luis Lopez - (Spain)
- for having been a constant source of all kinds of valuable information.

Marek Janouch - (Czech Republic)
- for his help in finding further information about the vampires of Celakovice.

Maria Bidovec - (Italy)
- for her wonderful help and expertise on Valvasor and the Kringa vampire.

Mario - (Croatia)
- for his photographs and information about Jure Grando's Kringa.

Martha Argel - (Brazil)
- for correcting a couple of errors in our list of Vampire names.

Mary Brautigam - (Netherlands)
- for being my favourite sister-in-law.

Michael E. Bell - (USA)
- for his generous help and general encouragement.

Natasha Beaulieu - (Canada)
- for being one of the nicest, most inspiring and positive persons that I have ever met.

Regina Gerschke - (Germany)
- for her grandfather's original notes about the Vampire of Jakobsdorf.

Roman Pavlin - (Slovenia)
- for his information on Kringa and his photos of Tomiselj.

Ronald Brautigam - (Netherlands)
- for being my favourite brother, not that I have much choice. : )

Sanguinarius - (USA)
- for directing us to the interesting website of Radio Prague.

Love, greetings, thanks, for general help and support, or just for being there :

Adriaan, Adrian, Alex, Alessandra, Anthony, Anieta, Aylin, Barbara, Barry, Besker, Bren, Carmilla, Cathy, Chantal, Chris, Chrissie, Christina, Clazina, Cor, Corrie, Dan, Darlene, David, Diana, Donna, Ed, Edward, Edwin, Emmy, Eric, Erika, Erwin, Fatih, Francis, Franco, Frank, Frans, Fransien, Gene, Georg, George, Gerrit, Gio, Hannele, Hans, Helga, Henk, Ineke, Irene, Isolde, Jan, Jason, Javier, Jean, Jennie, JéPé, Joel, John, Joop, Jordi, Jorge, Jyrki, Karie, Katherine, Kees, Keith, Kev, Kiki, Leilah, Liriel, Ljubisa, Loretta, Louis, Luca, Luis, Lynda, Maaijke, Manuela, Marc, Marek, Maria, Marlene, Martha, Mary, Mathijs, Meg, Michel, Michelle, Michiel, Mick, Midwinter, Mirsada, Míša, Mozart, Mylène, Nancy, Natasja, Nedjalko, Niels, Nikos, Pandora, Paola, Paul, Paula, Peggy, Peter, Phill, Pierre, Pim, Ramsey, Reggie, Regina, Remmert, Riny, Robyn, Roel, Roman, Ron, Sarah, Shanta, Suzy, Thea, Tom, Wim.

And of course there is the absolutely brilliant place where they host our sites:

"YourNameWebhosting" is friendly priced and very affordable even for low-life like myself. And even without a - shall we say - large commercial contract their level of support is outstanding. I have monitored it for a while and they were never ever off-line. The support through their Helpdesk is brilliant. Don't know how they do it. Damn it, they are just extremely good ! Hey, I love you guys. Thanks, hats off and a very deep and respectful bow !

These pages were created with the help of the following software:

Who needs WYSIWYG ? Windows Notepad - the fastest and most simple HTML and CSS editor ever !
Nikon Capture and Nikon Control - absolutely brilliant software that I use with all of my cameras.
PDF Redirect - This is great free software that will turn anything you can print into a PDF file.
Adobe Photoshop Elements - A reasonably priced and extremely useful editor.
Adobe Reader - Without it I would not know how to read my PDF files.

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Needless to say that all names and brand names mentioned on this page are the property of their rightful owners.

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