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About This Site:

Almost all of the other vampire sites appear to be dealing with fictional vampires, the type of vampire that can be found in vampire films and vampire novels and stories. Or they may find their inspiration in the fairly recent phenomenon of people who call themselves vampires, who are playing at being vampires, and who - in certain cases - even consider themselves to be genuine vampires. Interesting as all that may seem to some, it is definitely not "our kind of vampire".

Our main interest is in the old traditional undead corpse of the European mainland. Unlike fictional vampires like Dracula or Lestat, there is nothing glamorous or romantic about these vampires. Our kind of vampire is indeed a corpse. In most cases - according to the descriptions - it is reasonably well preserved, considering the fact that it has been dead for some time.

This corpse then is suspected and accused of draining the blood, health, or vital energy from the living. Its victims usually are friends or relatives that were known to the vampire during its life. In the end it is tracked down to its grave where its existence is ended by impalement or cremation. This (with the odd exception) is the kind of vampire that you will find on our site.

It is our hope that these pages will help to stimulate a new interest in an old kind of vampire that seems to have been largely forgotten by most members of the present vampire scene. We would be delighted if we could manage to inspire maybe one or two others to get an interest and start doing their own little bits of research into this fascinating subject. It is always interesting to read about vampires. But it is infinitely more rewarding to pick out one particular case and then - by doing your own research - try to learn as much about it as you possibly can.

As to myself, I have been doing that kind of thing for more than four decades now. My fascination with the subject has taken me to weird and far off places that otherwise I would never have seen. It has brought me into contact with lots of wonderful (and even a few less wonderful) people that otherwise I would never have met. I would not have missed it for the world.

Come on now, why don't you do your own bit of Vampire Research ?

As stated, it is our hope that we will manage to stimulate new interest in vampire research. We want to encourage others to pick up a case and do their own bit of research. Therefore, the cases that you will find on our site are far from completed. In most cases all that we have done is try to give you sufficient information to help you get started. For every case that you can find mentioned here, there is much more information to be found elsewhere. You are not going to get it from us, at least not on this site. Just have a look through the cases that are here. And if you find a case that seems interesting, or perhaps a case that has happened close to where you live, why don't you go do your own bit of vampire research ?

2008 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last update 06 October 2008
Photo "Grim Reaper" 2000 by Rob Brautigam - Photo "Skeleton - Zeedijk - Amsterdam" 2004 by Rob Brautigam

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