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Monster Quest: Season 1

History Channel, no date

This is a 4 DVD set that features 13 episodes.

   episode 13 - "American Werewolf"

Peter Stubbe and the Beast of Gevaudan are mentioned. Then on to tales about a wolfmanlike creature in Wisconsin. There are witnesses being subjected to polygraph-tests, hunters out in the wood looking for it. Is it a bear, or a guy dressed up in a monkey suit ? A piece of fur is analysed and turns out to be from a felix domesticus. Large footprints are found. Did they find it ? No they did not...

Monster Quest: Season 4

History Channel, no date

This is an 8 DVD set with 27 episodes:

   episode 16 - "America's Wolfman"

Are there werewolves in the Midwest ? "A menacing beast with dark hair, walking on its hindlegs and standing over seven feet tall, the creature is said to kill using deadly fangs and razor-sharp claws, and it emits bloodcurdling howls...". Plenty of research, witnesses, experts and everything else that makes me happy. I quite enjoyed watching it.


Discovery, 2010

We kick things off with the story of a werewolf murder in 1989, in Bordeaux, France. A French forensic psychiatrist questioned the self-confessed werewolf. On to Greece and Mount Lykaion where we discover American archeologists looking for human sacrifice. Canibalism would create werewolves or so we are told. We get to hear about werewolves found in the Bible and other Christian writings. A French historian talks about the case of Jean Grenier. The story of the Beast of Gévaudan is told by expert Jean Richard. Sylvain Maquis talks about real wolves. And a Professor in Paris explains Hypertrichosis. Sorry that I did not catch the name of some of the experts. Now why the heck did they not get a mention on the end titles ?

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