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History's Mysteries

The History Channel, no date

8 Discs covering various subjects.

   DVD 7 - "Jack the Ripper"

Jack the Ripper - an ongoing Mystery

Discovery, 2006

Jack the Ripper... Some of my best friends lived in the Eastend of London. And I have been there lots of times. So I like to think that I know the Whitechapel area reasonably well. Or rather what little is left of the area. I am pretty sure that I must have seen better and longer documentaries about old Jack. As with some of the other DVDs, I will have to see this again before I can give you an honest opinion. It looks like I will be watching many films in the near future.

Vampire Clan

Bridge Pictures, 2002

Not a documentary as such but a film based on sad and unpleasant things that have really happened. I still must have the newspaper cuttings somewhere. Something like kids who believed they were vampires and killed their parents. As with some of the other DVDs, I will have to see this again before I can give you an honest opinion.

Le Vampire de Dusseldorf - (FRENCH LANGUAGE)

Studiocanal, 1964

A nice French film about the infamous "Düsseldorf Vampire" Peter Kürten. As seems usual with films like this, the directors and scriptwriters don't seem to have lost too much sleep after bending the facts to make it a "better" story. Over the years I have been to and have stayed in Düsseldorf dozens and dozens of times. So I know the place well and know my way around. It is not all that far from Amsterdam. Couple of hours on the train. It is a nice place to be if - like me - you like beer and German cuisine.

It also happens that I do have quite a bit of material on Peter Kürten, some of it dating back to the time when his identity was still unknown and he had not even been arrested. The story seems strong enough the way it is. And I do remember a German documentary that was very good and sticking to the facts. So what is it ? Why do film makers always have to change and distort the facts ? I suppose they are not interested in the truth and just want a good story.

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