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Castle Ghosts

Discovery, 2010

The box looks nice enough. The subject sounds good. Let us hope that the contents will be interesting as well.

3 Discs, 4 different sections.

   1. "Castle Ghosts of England"
   2. "Castle Ghosts of Scotland"
   3. "Castle Ghosts of Wales"
   4. "Castle Ghosts of Ireland"

Derek Acorah's Ghost Tour Live

Rainbow, no date

1 Disc. Of course I know who Derek Acorah is. But I am not quite sure what to expect. I bet I will find out, if I ever come around to watching it.

Ghost Detectives

TBC, 2009

Interesting series. This box has 3 discs and 6 different episodes. I have no idea if that is all there is, or if there are further boxes. But in case there are, I will keep my eyes open for them.

   epsiode 1 - "Margate".

There is a large team of "Ghost Detectives". There are two clairvoyants: Marion Goodfellow and Paul Harahan. The series is presented by Tom Baker of Dr. Who fame. The good doctor does his worst to look spooky, rolling his eyes and twisting his voice. Sadly, the curly blonde wig and the glittery gillet do not help much to enhance his performance. Never mind. On we go to the "Theatre Royal" in Margate. Clairvoyant Marion Goodfellow sees many ghosts. Orbs - where would we be without them - are caught on camera. Ever asked yourself the question why they are captured on cheap pocketsize cameras rather than larger more professional ones ? The staff of the theatre has had plenty of ghostly trouble in the past. We are told how a ghost in the bar once tried to possess one of the regulars. A seance is held. Marion the medium gets possessed by several spirits, wants to do some serious stage-diving and has to be held down until she returns to sanity. Not bad at all for starters. Quite good actually.

   epsiode 2 - "Pengersick Castle".

On to Cornwall. Land of wreckers, tin-mines and Cornish culinary specialities. There seems to be a secret smugglers tunnel to the beach. There are various ghosts. And, surprise, surpirse. there are orbs all over the place. There is the spirit of a teenage girl who is disposed off by sending her to "The Light". The help of a dowser is called in who follows the ghost of a monk and does biometric readings in a haunted room. Another dowser feels the presence of a young girl who is dead plus a priest and a rather oppressive monk. A seance is held. Marion goes into a trance and is possessed by Richard and Eleonore, whoever they may be. There is yet another dowser who claims to have many answers. There is a nasty ghost who tries to kill people, and a ghost cat thrown in for good measure. Our skeptic Chris French is not convinced. Right on !

   epsiode 3 - "Bowden House".

One of Britain's most haunted houses or so we are informed. There is Alice the child ghost who died of tuberculosis and there is a grey lady. There is Tom Baker again, rolling his eyeballs, distorting his voice, licking his lips and making desperate attempts to act scary. Oh dear, oh dear... I have seen many people acting normal who looked a hell of a lot more scary. But maybe I hang out with the wrong crowd. Our medium Marion sees children up in a tree somewhere and a friendly little housemaid. As could have been expected, another seance is held. The grey lady appears to have faded away waiting for a loved one who had died at sea. Oh no ! Another dowser is called in who discovers energy lines. There is a ghostly monk, or so we are told. There are strange happenings with a candle. Plenty of orbs but rather playful. Thank Heaven for that.

   epsiode 4 - "Marsden Grotto".

A tourist attraction created by "Jack the Blaster". Are the ghosts the Romans who are suspected to have hidden a treasure down there ? There are smugglers, murderers, Romans, plenty of ghosts. Medium Paul Hanrahan already gets possessed before he has even reached the place. Medium Marion sees a ghost that is looking like Sandeman. No comments. The team tries out their latest toy, a thermal camera. Suzie, the team's researcher, does some reading up in the local library. Something almost invisible is filmed on the stairs. The team is ecstatic. Chris French and myself are less impressed. There is a haunting in the Ladies Toilet. Maybe someone has died there. Marion is possessed by a girl ghost. There is talk of the famous Lambton Worm. Is that the one who inspired Bram Stoker to write that incredible novel about the Lady Arabella or something ? There is a spirit who wants a drink but is refused that pleasure. Oh dear, oh dear... Come on you bastards, give the ghost a drink ! Some people can be cruel.

   epsiode 5 - "St. Albans".

There is "The White Hart", one of the most haunted hotels. Cellars, tunnels, hauntings... Something seems messing with the cameras. Rooms 7 and 8 appear to be the most paranormal. There are strange smells. There is psychometry that is quite awesome, or so we are told. The two clairvoyants sense lots of things. A seance is being held. Marion feels lots of spirits. There is a girl whose head was knocked off sitting on top of a stage coach. There are more orbs. If you invert the images they turn brown and really look like turds, an interesting phenomenon, the significance of which I am still trying to figure out. Another seance is held in a shop next door that used to be part of the hotel. They get in touch with the spirit of William Shakespeare, no less, who comes to confess that some of his plays have been written by someone else. Shame on you, Mr. Shakespeare ! One medium goes into great emotional shock. Good heavens !

   epsiode 6 - "Derby Jail".

Very haunted indeed, but of course we already knew that. Lots of criminals and innocents have been locked up in here waiting for their execution. It was good to see our all time favourite Richard Felix running around his home base, conducting a tour of the place for a bunch of stupid tourists. Oh no, and then there was more dowsing... For some mysterious reason the UK appears to be infested with dowsers. Something should be done about it. Fortunately we are saved from a fate worse than death by Christopher French who is giving us his usual sermon. Maid Marion... I mean Medium Marion feels absolute terror. She is spitting and dribbling saliva. There are loads of spirits, some of them pretty disturbed. Come on, what do you expect from people who are awaiting their gruesome execution ? There is another seance. A troubled spirit is sent off to the light. More orbs. Question: is there a connection between orbs and near-death experiences ? Chris French does not think so. Neither do I. Nice series though.

THE GHOSTHUNTER (Dutch series)

GHOST HUNTERS - Stories from the Other Side

Delta, 2007

In this particular box there are three DVDs, with no less than 12 episodes from a series called "Ghost Hunters". I was pleased to find that there is very nice camera work, good sound and presentation by an invisible presenter and voice-over. Here the only people in front of the camera are the haunted, the victims, the witnesses and the experts. Which makes a nice change. All I can say, this is an excellent series.

   Episode 1 - "Legends of the Legionnaires"

The Treasurer's House in York has been build over an ancient Roman road. Someone who was doing some maintenance down there got his pants scared off when he saw a group of ancient Roman Soldiers marching through the cellar. Others, near Colchester, have heard Roman legions passing by alongside their house in the middle of the night. Other Romans were spotted by locals who were out in the fields, jogging, or walking their dogs. Hey, I really must find back that brilliant song by "This Heat" which is called "S.P.Q.R.".

   Episode 2 - "Spirits of the Civil War"

There is the old battle field of Marsden Moor, where many, way too many people were killed a couple of centuries ago. I am not quite sure what they were fighting for, but that seems to happen very often in wars and warfare. All it takes is a couple of stupid conceited over-decorated alpha-monkeys in the top of the tree to make an idiot decision. There appear to be lots of ghosts, who look like soldiers. There are headless ones riding horses. The locals see plenty of them or so they say, and even the dog starts whimpering at times. What further proof do we need ?

   Episode 3 - "The Phantom Schoolmaster"

There's this former shop, that has been turned into a photo studio, where there is plenty of paranormal activity going on. Some idiot decides to bring in a stupid Ouija Board and next thing the ghost of a little old lady is sitting in the back of his car. Hey, serves him right ! Ouija Boards... "Don't do it !" says the priest. And the psychic adds: "There are plenty of spirits of a fairly lowly sort who are plain mischievous". Colin Wilson makes a cameo appearance in order to tell us some anecdote that I can't remember. And in the end, after serious research, it turns out that the studio is haunted by a dead schoolmaster. Teachers...

   Episode 4 - "Castle Leslie"

I think "Castle Leslie" must be somewhere in Ireland. But please don't crucify me if I have got it wrong. There is a haunted greenhouse. There are 18 ghosts, no less. There are the fleeting shadows of the dead servants. Dead relatives do drop in from time to time to collect those who are about to die and guide them to the other world. There is Uncle Norman, who died in the first World War. He is seen again. There is a ghastly Jack Russell (aren't they all ?). And to finish it off with a grand finale, there is a paranormal mini-tornado at a funeral.

   Episode 5 - "Ghosthunters at Work"

There is the ghost of "The Bell Inn" being investigated by Tony Cornell. There is a room with a view of the churchyard. There is a cold spot. Something is pushing against the door. There are footsteps and a glow. A young girl appears inside the room and vanishes again. Next stop Paisley, Scotland. There is a haunting at the local art school. Footsteps inside a locked room. Voices, whisperings, heavy objects being moved, and icy cold air. Paranormal investigator Trish Robertson comes to have a look but has no answers. The experts give us their usual bla-bla to round off this episode in a scientific manner.

   Episode 6 - "Phantom Fisherman"

There is this house that happens to stand exactly on the place where once - many many years ago - an old fish-seller was attacked and robbed. It seems uncertain that he actually died there. Nevertheless, a fishy smell is smelt inside the house. The experts all come to say their say as always. An investigator has a look around. Medium Peter Bowers senses loads of information and then puts the spirit into a vortex of energy and sends him off to the light. And the experts return to make their usual profound observations.

   Episode 7 - "Echoes from Beyond the Grave"

   Episode 8 - "The Possession"

A woman called Gay who married a black American soldier is under constant attacks from voodoo spirits. Apparently the husband has a jealous ex-girlfriend in America who is a bit of an expert in voodoo. Time to send in our own experts, among which Prof. Brian Josephson, Nobel Laureate in Physics, no less. Medium Eddie Burcks visits the house but feels no alien presence there. Nevertheless he decides to flood the house with "Angelic Light". For a while things seem to be ok, but sadly it looks like the voodoo spirits have returned.

   Episode 9 - "Priest and Profession"

   Episode 10 - "Spirits of Bodmin Manor"

   Episode 11 - "Mysteries at George Inn"

   Episode 12 - "Phantom Pilot"

Further information to follow.

GHOST HUNTERS - Back from the Dead

Delta, 2007

Three more DVDs, featuring 14 episodes from the series called "Ghost Hunters". It is a very nicely produced series. And I would not mind at all if I were to discover that there were further boxes.

   Episode 1 - "The Spectres of the Severn"

The big question seems to be: is there more paranormal activity in places where the rocky underground is cracking up ? Along geological fault-lines and such. So they decide to check out the Severn area. There are lots of ghosts in "The Bell" pub. Poltergeist activity as well. In the neighbouring houses there are shadows, funny noises, more Poltergeists and ghosts. Inside "The Ancient Ram Inn" there are flickering lights and scared dogs. There is a petrol station where they have seen a ghost on a horse. Lots of theories and speculation but nothing conclusive.

   Episode 2 - "In the Shadow of Snowdonia"

In this old house there are the sounds of ghostly winds and murmurings. There is the vision of an old man who hanged himself. There is Poltergeist activity. When the Lady of the House starts to see appearances of her brother who killed himself, they bring in the professionals: Elwyn Roberts, Elwyn Edwards and the Reverend Roberts who by the looks of him is probably called Elwyn as well. The brother's troubled spirit disappears. But there also seems to be a nasty character called Harold who is still hanging around. The experts want to know more and really want to get to the bottom of the case. So a seance is held, sadly - for me - in Welsh. A professor of Astronomy pops up out of nowhere to say his say about mediums. A bit outside his field of expertise, I'd say. Then again, who am I ? And there is Dr. Weisman assuming things just for the sake of argument. I like that. Kick a few legs and see what happens. My style exactly ! There is much theoretical speculation going on. Pffff.... Serious stuff this one.

   Episode 3 - "The Haunting of County Wicklow"

There is an Irish farmer with both feet on the ground. But there are cold chills, strange sounds, swirling colours, phantom children dancing around a ghostly maypole, shadows and the sounds of footsteps. There is Thomas the phantom child who may have drowned before he started his career as a ghost. There is a remarkable Poltergeist who brings money. I know quite a few people who'd be happy to invite such a Poltergeist into their house. Alas, then the force starts to push around the farmer's children. An exorcism takes place and most of the problems appear to be solved. But people living close to the farm now seem to have serious paranormal problems. What can I say ? Life ain't easy...

   Episode 4 - "Battlefield of the Somme"

The killing grounds, the disgrace of World War one. Thanks to a couple of deranged generals whose names I will not mention. Eighty years later, rather unsurprisingly, there are lots of very large cemeteries. The psychic senses all kinds of sensations. Apparently there are lots of people who have died here. Wow... I almost jumped out off my socks ! How did he know that ? I bet you really have to be extremely psychic to come to such a brilliant conclusion. But that is not all. The psychic also senses the name of one of the surgeons who has worked here. Then someone says: "You will have to make your own judgement". Quite so. I certainly have made mine.

   Episode 5 - "Haunted Bypass"

There is a headless figure on the newly built bypass in Yorkshire. A car is lifted in the air and dropped down again. A police car doing an observation is attacked as well. The policemen went cold and were touched by an invisible presence. A lorry driver smells a musky smell and sees a ghostly monk. There is an appearance that causes road accidents. Various drivers see the monk and notice the musky smell. Research reveals that a monk who left his order must have been buried in unconsecrated ground somewhere. To complicate things this is a spot which has very high EMF readings due to powerlines, powerstations, telecom stations, etc., etc. David Fontana tells us that "mind" and "brain" are not the same. Thanks for sharing that information. Could that be the reason why they have 2 different words for them ?

   Episode 6 - "Across the Great Divide"

There is the village of Ingatestone (I think) where little has changed through the ages. There is "Little Hammonds Restaurant" which is filled with inexplicable things, cold spots, a phantom lady who walks through walls, shivers, goosebumps, Poltergeist activity. A medium Diane acknowledges that the place is haunted. There is a servant girl, a soldier, and a baker who died of a heart attack. Eddie Burks is brought in and immediately senses the servant girl who died in great agony. Then there is the World War One soldier who is rather angry and frustrated. More experts come to contribute their thoughts. "Mind over Matter", etc. etc.

   Episode 7 - "Phantoms of Chingle Hall"

Said to be the most haunted house in England. Lots of tunnels and priestholes. John the Plumber sees spooky things. Terrence the Radio Producer hears footsteps from a ghostly monk. Jason Karl (our paranormal investigator) puts in an appearance. There are lots of ghosts on photos. Most of them look as if some idiot has held his finger in front of the lens. I have seen way too many of those before and always have associated them with human stupidity rather than things paranormal. There are eerie sounds on tape (or so we are told) There are ghost monks in the chapel and Latin chanting is heard. There is a grey lady. There is a girl who was held prisoner and abused for years by her two uncles. Suddenly and quite abruptly the subject is changed to ley-lines. Chingle Hall apparently has been built on the crossing of two underground fault-lines. There is a guy at a seance who becomes possessed. There are chairs that jump around doing a noisy tapdance. And there are monks in the car park. And in case you do not trust me and want to check out Chingle Hall for yourself, it would seem that it is possible to stay there. If you are willing to part with some serious money. It looks like haunted houses are going commercial...

   Episode 8 - "The Man who talks to Ghosts"

Right. There is Eddie Burks, a psychic medium who gets in touch with ghosts. There is a South London Community Centre that seems rather haunted, especially the basement. Paranormal investigator Anne Spencer comes around and hears bangs and tapping. More paranormal researchers have a look and notice weird things. But why go for second best ? Eddie Burks is called in and feels distress. In a long long session he gets in touch with the spirit of a man who has been murdered. A policeman confirms a nearby murder in 1977 which seems to fit. Eddie senses each and every detail and sends the ghost on its way. Well done !

   Episode 9 - "Invisible Intelligence"

David Fontana puts in a quick appearance. There is a spirit, a presence and a playful childlike Poltergeist who throws stones, paperclips and even money. He likes to do the Rubicube or whatever that diabolical contraption is called, and he does not like oranges. He seems to be quite intelligent and always ready to learn new things. There are lots of witnesses. One of them has even seen the little boy. To round things off in the usual manner, the experts are sent in, who as always sound rather pompous and full of arcane wisdom.

   Episode 10 - "Holy Ghostbuster"

There is a priest in North-Yorkshire who does exorcisms. There is a young woman who is haunted by a ghost. The damned thing makes nightlights fly around and even tries to strangle her. The Reverend Tom Willis does a blessing of the house. We are asked: Is it real ? Is it hysteria ? An exorcism is held in the Church. There are a snarl and a growl that last for 20 minutes. The woman decides to move to another place, but the evil entity comes with her. End of the case. Canon Dominic Walker tells us more about the present views of the Anglican Church on matters like possession and exorcism. The next case is a house that is haunted since they brought in some vases that used to belong to a dead aunt. Plants are moving. The car is moved from the place where it was parked. There are cold spots in the house. There is a shadowy figure on the stairs. The Reverend Tom Willis does a blessing of the house but things only get worse. My solution: throw out those ugly vases which apart from being haunted are an insult to art and good taste. I would not have those horrible monstrosities in my house if they paid me money for it. Sadly it looks as if those "Holy Ghostbusters" have not been very successful. The score, "Evil Spirits" versus "Ghostbusters" : 2 - 0.

   Episode 11 - "Haunted Ballroom"

We find ourselves in York, where a lady who managed the dancing school did die but did not leave the place. There are mysterious sounds, footsteps, strange happenings, the smell of perfume, and she is seen as well. Ralph Noyes (science writer) feels that there is massive evidence for the continuation of consciousness. Other experts add their profound thoughts to the general confusion: the mind can act outside the brain. Suddenly and without any warning we find ourselves in Lancaster. There is the Grand Theatre where artist Steve King is doing his Al Jolson imitation. Certainly there are ghosts. Steve once felt a cold shiver. I felt more than one while I watched his performance. There are apparitions that float in the air. The medium senses things as well. And lots of experts come to say their say.

   Episode 12 - "Tales from Dartmoor"

There is a house on the edge of Dartmoor. A strange feeling, a funny smell. The TV goes off and on by itself. The toilet flushes without human intervention. Two Mediums are called in. They find that there is the ghost of a black magician upstairs who once sacrified a friend in one of his rituals. The entity refuses to leave, but some of his friends who have moved to "The Light" persuade him to follow them. On to "Jay's Grave" where a suicide is buried at the crossroads. Every morning there are new flowers or branches on the grave. Nobody knows where they come from. Even the Medium does not have an answer.

   Episode 13 - "Ripples in Time"

Is it possible to travel through time ? The famous Carl Jung claims that he once walked into a church and saw a beautiful mosaic that was destroyed centuries ago. There is the Barton family. After visiting the tomb of John Evelyn they walked into a mysterious landscape that had long vanished. But time is money, so we are back on the bus again. On we go to the ruins of an old priory in Norfolk. Some students went there as well and saw monks going up a stairs. When they tried to follow them they fell flat on their face because the staircase was no longer there.

   Episode 14 - "The Case of the Gorton Poltergeist"

There is something that throws people around. Unplugged lights and TVs switch themselves on again. Whispering is heard, a little girl is seen, and there are noises and banging. The priest is notified but does not do much about it. They call in the help of the "Stockport Ghost Society". Helen the Medium is brought in who senses evil and sees a dark entity. A seance is held. The entity gets angry. And Maurice Grosse remarks: "I would say that there are forces at work which we don't know anything about at all." My thoughts exactly.

Ghosts of England and Belgrave Hall

Delta, 2001

We get to see a team of American paragnosts and parapsychological specialists on a visit to England. There is a walk through the Jack the Ripper area of London with a cameo appearance of Ripper expert Donald Rumbelow jumping out of the bushes in a manner of speaking. Next we drive off to go inspect the haunted beer cellars of the Euxton Mills Pub where some Poltergeist or something is said to be messing around with the kegs and barrels. Hey, it's not as if I am one of the regulars in Euxton Mills, but I do agree that we can't have any of that. Send in the exorcist ! On we go to Thonge Hall to meet a ghost that is very proud to show the staircase that he claims to have built centuries ago, or so we are told. Next stop the Empire Theatre in Liverpool, haunted by the ghost of a little Victorian girl who died there. Everywhere we go the team senses useful information. "I can feel a name. It starts with uh... J." "There is someone there." etc., etc. Then on to the Belgrave Hall Museum where a ghost was filmed by a security camera. Sadly - after much serious scientific research of the tapes - this ghost is unmasked and turns out to be a raindrop in front of the camera lens. Damn ! But fortunately our team discovers several entities inside the hall, one of them "a very malevolent one". I am happy to report that the entire team was delighted with the interesting results of their trip to England. And me, I am even happier to think that they are all safely back in the U.S. of A.


Ghost Tour of Britain, Felix Films, no date

If you want to find allegedly haunted places in London, this would not be a bad guide to start with. Ghosts are everywhere. Buckingham Palace, St.James Palace, Westminster Abbey, St.Thomas Hospital. Lots of ghosts in the Underground where deaths and suicides have taken place. The Tower of London, apparently the most haunted place in the whole UK. Marble Arch, which used to be Tyburn, the place where some 200 people were hanged. The Masons Arms Pub, last stop on the way to be hanged at Tyburn, with a secret tunnel to the place of execution.

There is Mitre Square, haunted by the ghost of one of Jack the Ripper's victims. There is another rather horrible place of execution. There is Highgate Cemetery, not completely unknown to me. Mr. Felix's report of the facts concerning the vampire seems not completely in line with some of the other versions, but hey, what is new ? They all seem to be different. There is the Gatehouse Pub in Highgate where the cellars are haunted by the ghost of a murdered woman. And there is the place where murdering Dr. Crippen's house used to stand. Crippen's ghost is reported to be seen carrying a bag with the cut off head of his murdered wife. If you don't know London very well and want to go on a ghost tour. I can recommend this.

One of the more horrible execution places seems to be near to a Pub that I have often visited. It was not far from the hotel near Tower Bridge where I used to stay when in London. I think it was called "The Hanged, Drawn and Quartered" or something. The Pub, that is. Supposing that unlike myself you are not allergic to London business men, it is not a bad place to go for a pint or a quick pub meal. Be sure to try and avoid the rush hour, because that is the time when those perfectly dressed British gentlemen suddenly turn into wild animals !


Ghost Tour of Britain, Felix Films, no date

"One of the most haunted regions of England". Personally I do remember seeing and hearing a brilliant concert in the famous "Cavern" way back in uh... 1966 ? So even though I do not know much about Merseyside ghosts, I do remember the Mersey Beat. Well, there is a haunted house in Penny Lane with strange footsteps and the scent of a lady. There is St.Andrew's churchyard where a woman can be seen floating around. There is another place where a girl vanishes into air.

There is a beach that tries to eat cars and is the home of some mysterious whirlpool. In another place a girl was almost raped by an appearance with a horrible face. It turned out to be a dead Satanist. YUK ! There is a spooky hell-hound named Trash (?) who is a harbinger of death. There is what is left of the Palace Hotel. Just the bar, turned into a Pub now. In 1886 no less than 27 drowned sailors were put in there, and it has never been the same again.

We get to see Mr. Felix on the local radio. And being the bastard that I am, I am not surprised that the engineers appear to have serious trouble getting the sound level sorted out. Come on guys, move back that microphone, pump up the headphones volume, and may I suggest some serious compression plus a brick wall limiter on top of that. Can we do it ? YES WE CAN !

After climbing the cemetery wall of a Liverpool graveyard, Mr. Felix shows us the pyramid shaped grave (inspired by what is printed on the back of a dollar bill ?) of a notorious gambler who at his own request has been buried dressed (thank God for that) sitting at a card table with his winning hand. He appears to be haunting the neighborhood, dressed in a tophat and cloak, and the word goes that he has turned into a VAMPIRE. There is the churchyard of Liverpool Cathedral and the Mersey Tunnel with its phantom girl. Plenty of ghosts, so beware: You'll never walk alone...

GHOST TOUR OF GREAT BRITAIN - The Most Haunted Graveyards in Britain

Ghost Tour of Britain, no date

Once again we get to get to hear about the vampire gambler in his pyramid grave. In the graveyard of Liverpool Cathedral you can find grey ladies, white ladies, vampires (or so we are told and sadly that is all that we are told) and the "Limping Spectre".

Highgate Cemetery and its large black figure also gets a mention. Go check it out for yourself. WWW.FELIXFILMS.NET.


HAUNTED HOMES - series one

2 entertain Video, 2007

I have to admit that this is a very nice series. Hey, I am old school. So I was pleased to find that things have been filmed in a professional manner rather than the shaking "Blair Witch Project" style that I have seen on way too many other films. I think the team is relaxed and each one of them is ok in my books. They obviously enjoy the comfort of their luxurious mobile ghosthunter laboratory. It is alright for some !

Two DVDs, 6 different episodes.

   Episode 1 - "The Hassett Family"

The Haunted Homes Team, made up by psychic Mia Dolan, paranormal investigator Mark Webb, and the academic and skeptic Chris French, investigates an old inn that has been turned into a home. There are voices from the fire place, there is a sinister cellar with an even more sinister well that seems to connect to secret and most sinister underwater spaces. And there is a black figure that tries to kill people. As far as first impressions go, not a bad series at all. Pretty damn good really.

   Episode 2 - "The Munday Family"

About a couple of people who invite some horrible entity into their house, dabbling with an Ouija board. Some friendly advice: Kids, do not try this at home ! There are knocks, bangs, books flying from the shelves, a dark large figure and the smell of rotten fish. A most unpleasant and dangerous spirit. But not to worry. Mia, who is definitely becoming my heroine among all ghost hunters, confronts the nasty bugger and sends him off to hell, or to a ghost Valhalla or uh... well, some place.

   Episode 3 - "The Scriven Family"

On to Birmingham to confront shadows, footsteps, a shaking bed and a dark spectre. There is an intimidating male presence that sometimes presents itself - YUK ! - as a decomposing figure. I am not surprised that the residents of this house are a wee bit upset and break out in nervous rashes. They certainly look the part. But Mia - bless her - comes in, recites her latin prayers and does her stuff and hey, presto, the damn thing is gone... I love it !

   Episode 4 - "The Harris Family"

A mother with two young daughters is terrorised by a haunting. There are bangs, gruntings, voices, footsteps, whispers. There is anger, oppression, people are getting sick. Mark puts up his gadgets. Mia feels lots of stuff. Yeah, it's the kids rooms. Skeptic Chris comes to have a check and is not convinced. Right on ! It's always good to have a skeptic on your team. Mia checks things out and decides that it is the spirit of a hanged man called Jack. I am not going to argue with that. The evil spirit is quickly disposed off in the usual manner.

   Episode 5 - "The Elvin Family"

Further information to follow.

   Episode 6 - "The Stevens Family"

Further information to follow.

HAUNTED HOMES - series two

2 entertain Video, 2007

Two DVDs, 8 more different episodes from a series called "Haunted Homes".

   Episode 1 - "The Plymouth Girls"

There are three women and a little girl who live in a former Pub that seems to be haunted. Judging by the nervous faces lots of ghastly stuff appears to be going on. I think even someone as shallow as me noticed orbs and other paranormal activity. Our leading star Mia comes in and quickly finds that there is something wrong with an old bottle. To be honest - but who am I ? - the only thing wrong that I can see with it is the fact that the bottle is empty. There is paranormal stuff going on. There is a supernatural presence. There is a nocturnal vigil during which Mia's hand is touched by some invisible entity. And - as we could have expected - the scene is cleared by Mia's Latin exorcisms. Veni, vidi, vici ! Luctor et emergo ! Per aspera ad astra. Or words to that effect.

   Episode 2 - "Beacon Radio"

On then to Wolverhampton, where a former orphanage has been turned into a radio studio. There are shaking people and strange events. There - oh Horror ! - are the sounds of children. There are petrified DJs: "Did you hear this, did you hear that ?". The divine Mia does some psychometry on an object and hears laughter. She enters the building and senses strong paranormal activity in the former Chapel of Rest where they seemed to dispose of dead orphans. A vigil is held, with spooky noises and paranormal sneezes, and then - sincere apologies for this - I must have fallen asleep. I do expect that the end involves Latin prayers and stuff. But I suggest that you watch it for yourself.

   Episode 3 - "The Devlin Family"

Further information to follow.

   Episode 4 - "The Beckwith Family"

Further information to follow.

   Episode 5 - "The Perkiss Family"

So what is going on in Portsmouth ? Not much good, I can tell you that much. There is a nasty entity that pushes people out of their beds. There are voices and smells, objects are moved. There are nervous people ready to freak out if they have not done so already. Mia and her team come in. They hold a vigil and there are terrifying presences. Mia has a lot of trouble. Her dead brother puts in an invisible appearance to warn her that she is in danger. Mia gets emotional. Tears are ruining her mascara, but not to worry. The horrible thing is no match for her. Well done, Mia !

   Episode 6 - "North London Flatmates"

Further information to follow.

   Episode 7 - "Coalville"

Further information to follow.

   Episode 8 - "The Jones Family"

Further information to follow.

Most Haunted - series 1

Universal, 2008

5 Discs with 17 episodes from the "Most Haunted" series.

   Episode 1 - "Athelhamton Hall"

The team goes to Athelhamton Hall. There is the camera crew plus a presenter called Yvette Fielding. And there also are parapsychologist Jason Karl and spiritualist medium Derek Acorah. Apparently there have been reports about a little girl, the ghost of a monkey, duelling ghosts, a grey lady and other bits and bobs. Both the dog and the medium see the monkey. At night Derek is taken over by a ghost or spirit and starts seeing old ladies. One of the cameramen freaks out. Apart from a couple of flashes very little is seen. But loads of secrets are revealed. Best part is where the monkey's spirit enters Derek. Maybe it was my imagination, but it looked like our medium really had to restrain himself from beating his breast and going: Ooo, ooo, ooo...

   Episode 2 - "Chillingham Castle"

Chillingham Castle... There is the Blue Boy who was walled up alive. The cameraman freaks out again and is gasping for breath. Hey man, there are plenty of other subjects waiting to be filmed: flowers, butterflies, weddings... Why did you pick ghosts ? There is the ghost of an old lady. One of the female team members wants to throw up. I know the feeling. A little bit of noise causes such panic that the team members almost trample each other to death in an attempt to leave the room. Great images ! There are noises and lots of orbs in the torture chamber. And there is ghastly laughter. Come on guys, I do realise that it is only episode 2, but show us some spirit (no pun intended). Ghost hunting is not for sissies.

   Episode 3 - "The Ostrich Inn"

A nice place, or so it seems, where 60 people were killed by the Landlord ! There's a grey lady who visits the Ladies Lavatories. Can't blame her. When a lady's got to go, she has got to go. There is an intolerant ghost with a beard. Derek gets possessed while Jason does interesting EMF-readings on some bottles of wine. They find a cold spot. there are horrible feelings in the kitchen. Derek gives a brilliant performance being possessed by various spirits. Yvette looks suitably worried and does her best to massage our medium back into this world again. And there are scraping noises in the attic. Plus a vision of an old book which sadly does not materialise.

   Episode 4 - "Souter Lighthouse"

Is it the ghost of the old lighthouse keeper ? Apparently this is one of the oldest lighthouses of the UK. Plenty of ships have wrecked here. Not sure if it was before or after they built the lighthouse. According to the people who work here, "odd things" are going on. Poltergeist activity, but rather playful and friendly. Jason manages to get rude noises out of his EMF-reader. And medium Derek senses a spirit couple. There is a drowned sailor, there are children going through hardship, there is "Angry John", there is Yvette, "Queen of the Frightened". And there is Isabella who seems to be the top ghost. The one that it's all about. And of course there is that endless winding stairs. I spontaneously started singing the title song of "Going around the Twist"...

   Episode 5 - "Avebury Stones and the Red Lion"
   Episode 6 - "Culzean Castle"
   Episode 7 - "Derby Gaol"
   Episode 8 - "Aldwych Underground Station"
   Episode 9 - "Treasure Holt"
   Episode 10 - "Drury Lane Theatre"
   Episode 11 - "Leap Castle"
   Episode 12 - "Charnock Hall"
   Episode 13 - "The Mermaid Inn"
   Episode 14 - "Blackpool Pleasure Beach"
   Episode 15 - "Charleville Forest Castle"
   Episode 16 - "Michelham Priory"
   Episode 17 - "Levens Hall"

Further information to follow.

Most Haunted - series 2

Universal, 2008

5 Discs with 10 episodes of the "Most Haunted" series with lots of bonus material, or so we are promised.

   Episode 1 - "The Skirrid Inn, Abergavenny"

There is this old Inn in Wales that was used as a courthouse and place of execution. There are lots of ghosts. There is Poltergeist activity. There is a white lady. There's a malevolent presence. There is Phil Whyman, the paranormal investigator. It is good to see that Richard Felix is there as well. Derek Acorah comes in and feels strange things. Jason takes lots of notes and does his usual readings. Derek, claiming to know nothing about the place, heads straight for the famous "Devil's Cup" and comes up with a name and other details. I really have a problem with claims like this. Even I would have recognised the Skirrid Inn and could have given you some details about it. If you do bring in a medium, don't even tell them which part of the country they are going to. Blindfold them. Block up their ears. And then see what they come up with. Precious little, I reckon. Yeah, time to do some night vision filming. Derek sees gravestones, so they all march off to the graveyard. Yvette is not happy at all and freaks out: "Oh my God ! What's that noise ? I am shitting myself !" The crew has a good laugh as did I. Back in the Inn, Yvette keeps acting like a frightened rabbit. I was impressed by Richard Felix who seemed quite at ease this time.

   Episode 2 - "Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire"

This ruined castle is very haunted. There is a room that has been closed to the public because too many people fainted there. There is Richard Felix, acting as the team's historian. And there is Mary Queen of Scots who hated being imprisoned here. Well, actually it is the custodian of the Castle doing a re-enactment. Derek Acorah feels things outside: a burial ground. Inside things only get worse: plenty of entities. Derek is having a good time getting to know the ghosts. At night Yvette and Phil go to stay in the haunted bedroom. To have some fun with the night-vision camera. Yvette: "Aaaagghh, oh God ! I'll pee in my pants !". Lot's of fun in Tutbury Castle. Nice one !

   Episode 3 - "The Station Hotel, Dudley"

There is Poltergeist activity, knives being thrown around. There is a landlord who murdered a servant girl. There are spectral images, or so we are told. Derek Acorah comes in and immediately senses the murderer plus another ghost. There is a child ghost as well. One thing I like about Derek is the fact that he always treats the ghosts and his spirit guide with lots of respect. Unlike some. Night vigils are being held. Yvette, who is sharing a bed with two other female team members, is shocked to discover that her thighs are burning hot. Thanks very much for sharing that information with us. There are funny noises and beds and chairs are moving by themselves. Or so we are shown. Not bad. I can hardly wait to see the next one.

   Episode 4 - "Llancajach Fawr Manor, Wales"
   Episode 5 - "The House of Detention, London"
   Episode 6 - "The Bell Inn, Lafferty's and the Heritage Centre, Derby"
   Episode 7 - "Branniagns Night Club, Manchester"
   Episode 8 - "Pengersick Castle, Cornwall"
   Episode 9 - "The Clock House, Surrey"
   Episode 10 - "Caesars Night Club, South London"

Further information to follow.

Most Haunted - AND THERE IS MORE...

Mysterious Forces Beyond

Orion Channel, 2004

Like myself you may have noticed that there seems to be quite an overdose of DVDs on ghosts and ghosthunters, which is fine with me. Having said that, it is also good to find a few DVDs that deal with other subjects relating to "The Unexplained". The DVDs were published in 2004, but the series itself appears to date back to 1994, 1995, thereabout. It is being presented convincingly by a guy called Nick Mancuso, of whom I have no further knowledge. This nicely produced set of 2 DVDs features six different items:

   Episode 1 - "Psychic Power Channeling the Spirits of the Dead"

They used to call themselves "medium" but you got to move on with the times and "channeler" seems to be the latest word. It saves you the trouble of sitting in the dark, holding hands with a group of people. Is it real or are they frauds ? I found it embarrassing to watch some of these channelers in action. Someone defined it as "show business" and "entertainment".

   Episode 2 - "Psychic Power Psychic Sleuths"

Desperate people with missing friends or relatives seek their help. Sometimes they even help the police. And sometimes they are succesful. Could that be lucky guesses ? A lot of it is fake, or so we are told. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make the ones who come up with useless information pay for the costs of the searches and investigations and fine them for wasting police time.

   Episode 3 - "Psychic Power Psychic Healing"

Does the mind have the power to heal ? Better still, do Psychic Healers have the power to heal ? Some of them claim that they can even do a medical diagnosis over the telephone. I am impressed ! There is a Russian woman who has had the gift ever since a UFO landed near her village. Someone says: there are genuine ones that work, there are dubious ones where we don't know if they work, and there are fraudulent ones. Anyway, let's look on the bright side, a positive attitude seems to speed up healing.

   Episode 4 - "We are not Alone Hauntings"

According to someone on the show, people who say that they have seen a ghost can be put into 3 cathegories. 1. They are lying. 2. Something did happen. 3. It is their imagination. The photos are not very convincing, but there are a few intriguing blobs on the thermal-vision camera. Someone says: "It is important to interpret the data you get correctly." How true.

Mysterious Forces Beyond

Orion Channel, 2004

And then I found another set, Actually this is quite a good series. You get to see both sides of the discussion and no side is taken. Sadly I don't know if there are other boxes. These are the only two box-sets that I could find so far. I would not mind more from where this comes from. This double DVD features six more items:

   Episode 1 - "Heaven and Beyond - Angels"

Angels are messengers from God and a reality to some. "A marketing trick", according to one skeptic. Nice pictures. There is a therapist who uses angels to help her patients. The priests and scientists do not agree. I am not surprised.

   Episode 2 - "Heaven and Beyond - Miracles"

Plenty of miraculous things for us to wonder about. Visions of the Virgin Mary, Saints, bleeding statues, weeping statues, stigmata, Lourdes, Fatima, even America where the Blessed Virgin created a tiny puddle of muddy water which is now a place of worship that attracts many pilgrims. Need I go on ?

   Episode 3 - "Heaven and Beyond - The Power of Dreams"

In ancient times dreams were considered to be messages from the Gods. Modern psychiatrists may have different ideas. Skeptics explain away prophetic dreams as coincidence. And there is serious looking research to see if dreams are telepathic messages. "Dreams are very personal." someone says. I quite agree. Let's keep it that way.

   Episode 4 - "Death & Paranormal - Reunions with the Dead"

Seeing dead people is a common experience. Are they visions, hallucinations, or are they for real ? Dr. Moody appears to have developed his "psychomanteum" where people who want to contact their dead relatives can gaze into a black mirror. Many years ago, I made a rather nice looking black mirror myself, which seemed to be working just fine. Hey, why pay money to a "psychomanteist" if there is DIY ? Some people use crystal balls. I use one made out of black onyx, which works just as well. Like someone in this episode says: "We see what we want to see". And then continues: "We know how the brain can fool itself." My feelings exactly.

   Episode 5 - "Death & Paranormal - Reincarnation"

The Egyptians built a cult around it and so did the Bhudists. And other cultures and religions. But there is no scientific evidence for it. Someone did investigate the relation between birth defects and wounds from a (supposed) previous life. There is past life regression therapy where some people discover - surprise, surprise - that they were famous historical persons in their previous lives. Oh yeah, I bet they were. Why be some low-life if you could have been the Emperor Napoleon himself ? What was it this guy said in the previous episode: "We see what we want to see". And "We know how the brain can fool itself."

   Episode 6 - "Death & Paranormal - A Journey to the Other Side"

All about near death experiences. Are they dreams ? Hallucinations ? A wife-beater has a heart attack and sees the Light at the end of the tunnel, meets Jesus and becomes a priest. Fortunately there is Dr. Beyerstein who seems to have both feet on the ground. I quote: "I don't think it's a good idea to mix science with religion." Quite ! And here is another one: "As far as I know there is no evidence at all that anyone has ever come back from brain death." Dr. Beyerstein, you are my hero !

Paranormal Egypt

Universal, 2008

DVD 1 :
   Episode 1 - "Ramesses"
   Episode 2 - "The Great Pyramid"
DVD 2 :
   Episode 3 - "Tutankhamun"
   Episode 4 - "The Riddle of the Sphinx"
   Episode 5 - "The Step Pyramid and Saqqara"
DVD 3 :
   Episode 6 - "Queen Hatcheput"
   Episode 7 - "The Tomb Builders"
   Episode 8 - "Akhanaten and Nefertiti"

So what do we have ? There is historian Tessa Dunlop telling us horrible stories about all those ancient pharaos. And of course there is psychic medium Derek Acorah, running around, seeing things, going into trance, evoking things, invoking things, being attacked and being possessed. What can I say ? Kids, don't try this at home !

The Psychic World of Derek Acorah

Lace, 2003

Of course I have already had the pleasure to see Derek Acorah in action on other DVDs, like the "Most Haunted" series. We are promised some haunted stuff, plus special features.

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