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History, 2009

8 Discs. Judging by the titles there seems to be enough variety to keep everybody happy.

   DVD 8 - "In Search of the Real Frankenstein"

I liked this one better. There is Mary Shelley, obviously. In case you do not know the Frankenstein story, or how it was first created, go read it somewhere else. Scientists were indeed trying to discover the secret of life. Robbing graves, using electricity. There was Luigi Galvani who made frog's legs move. Experiments followed all over Europe, from cowsheads to human corpses. There is Galvani's nephew Giovanni Aldini who travelled all around Europe demonstrating things on corpses. There was Andrew Ure, a Scotsman who had to wait until the corpse of a hanged man became available. He made cuts in the corpse and put electric probes inside. Some of the spectators fainted. And then there was Konrad Dippel. Born within Burg Frankenstein. Fascinated by Alchemy and the Occult. Reported to be a grave-robber. Walter Scheele claims that Mary Shelley knew about Dippel from a letter that was sent to her by one of the famous Grimm brothers. The end kind of leaves you hanging in the air. Nice one though !

History's Mysteries

The History Channel, no date

8 Discs covering various subjects.

   DVD 1 - "The Abonimable Snowman"

There is supposed to be this large semi-human creature that lives in the Himalaya. It is called the Yeti. Plenty of reports. Plenty of speculation. Is he related to Big Foot ? There have been tales about such creatures for thousands of years all over the world. Most expeditions looking for the beast were unsuccessful. Then along came Tom Slick and his team. They found bits of evidence that suggested that the Yeti might be an undiscovered primate. Who knows ? Who's to say ? Sadly there is nothing conclusive.

   DVD 2 - "The Loch Ness Monster"

Loch Ness is deep and the water is very cold as I can personally testify. We once had a short swim there, trying to attract the monster's attention. But we soon had to return to dry land and be revived by a generous dose of whiskey. I also remember talking to an old Scottish monk who claimed to have seen the creature. There are the legends about the Kelpies and such. There are eye-witness accounts of the monster. Could it be a prehistoric animal ? Could it be a delusion ? Are there ulterior motives, like stimulating tourism and selling horrible souvenirs ? Just before the war someone came up with a rather nice photo that made the frontpages. After World War II there have been lots of expeditions and investigations. Technology gets better and better. There are a couple of interesting photos, and blobs on the sonar, but the scientists are not convinced.

   DVD 6 - "Bigfoot and other Monsters"

Monster Quest: Season 1

History Channel, no date

This is a 4 DVD set that features the following episodes:

   01 - "America's Loch Ness Monster"

Is there a dinosaur-like monster in Lake Champlain ? Hundreds claim to have seen it. Will the monster hunters find it ? Not this time...

   02 - "Sasquatch Attack ?"

Is Canada the home of a large apeman that vandalises cabins and scares people ? Nasty traps are used to get hold of hairs, blood and tissue. The hairs look promising. There are DNA tests. What's the result ? Sadly no DNA is found within the material...

   03 - "Giant Squid found ?"

Are there giant squids in the Sea of Cortez ? Sure, I'd be happy to admit that they are giants. Maybe not quite as big as the team is hoping for, but big enough for me !

   04 - "Birdzilla"

Do giant birds exist today ? They are reported to have been seen all over the USA. Is it a bird that is wrongfully thought to be extinct ? Going by this episode, I guess we'll never know...

   05 - "Bigfoot"

Reports all over North America, but the scientists (curse them !) say it does not exist. It is caught on film. Footprints are found. A team of intrepid women ventures out there, assuming that the creature is male and hetero and will not be able to resist their presence. Nice one !

   06 - "Mutant Canines"

Something built like a hyena is killing dogs in the USA. Its corpse is found, photos are taken. What is it, and are there more of the same ? Over the years there have been other reports about killer canines. Can it be a cross between two different species ?

   07 - "Lions in the Backyard"

Big black cats terrorising America. What are they ? Black Mountain lions ? They do not exist. Could they be black leopards that have escaped ? Who is to say...

   08 - "Gigantic Killer Fish"

Are there fish in America's lakes and rivers that are big enough to swallow small children ? Oh yes, there are !

   09 - "Swamp Beast"

Is there an ape-like creature living in the swamps and forests of the Southern USA ? Or is it an escaped Orangutan ?

   10 - "Russia's Killer Apemen"

Did Russian scientists try to cross humans and apes to create an army of apemen ? Apparently a Russian scientist called Ivanov made various attempts but did not get the chance to finish his experiments.

   11 - "Unidentified Flying Creatures"

RODs... Are they visitors from another planet ? Are they creatures from another dimension ? Or could they be some secret weapon ? They are extremely fast, invisible to the naked eye, but do get caught on cameras. What are they ? That's the tough question...

   12 - "The real Hobbit"

Does there live an Orang Pendak in the woods of Sumatra ? Described as about 3 feet tall, redish in color, with an orangutan like body, always walking on 2 feet and with a human face... Is he related to the prehistoric Flores man ? Let's go find the Orang Pendak ! A mysterious footprint is found. It turns out to be the footprint of a bear. And - oh dear - the camera traps only show pictures of the team...

   13 - "American Werewolf"

Peter Stubbe and the Beast of Gevaudan are mentioned. Then on to tales about a wolfmanlike creature in Wisconsin. There are witnesses being subjected to polygraph-tests, hunters out in the wood looking for it. Is it a bear, or a guy dressed up in a monkey suit ? A piece of fur is analysed and turns out to be from a felix domesticus. Large footprints are found. Did they find it ? No they did not...

Monster Quest: Season 2

History Channel, no date

This is a 5 DVD set with the following episodes:

   01 - "Bigfoot in New York"

A hairy monster in the woods of upstate New York. "A huge bipedal creature weighing aproximately 800 pounds, it's face is described as eerily human, with piercing eyes." If you are into Bigfoot, go check it out !

   02 - "Black Beast of Exmoor"

The Beast of Exmoor: "A large black feline looking creature, with a body up to seven feet long and a thick tail, its ears are small and rounded". No lack of eye-witnesses. Plenty of sheep are being killed. The Royal Marines searched the countryside, saw the beast but did not manage to kill it.

   03 - "Boneless Horror"

It so happens that octopus is my number one favourite food. So how could I have resisted watching this episode about a 20 ton giant octopus with a length of 75 to 100 feet ? Yummie !!!

   04 - "China's Wildman"

The "Yeren", China's Wildman... "5 to 7 feet tall, walking upright on two legs with long redish to brown hair, muscular". There are witnesses, footprints, hair, bones. But does it exist ?

   05 - "Chupacabra"

Something strange is killing animals on the ranches of Texas, sucking the blood. Could it be the legendary "Chupacabra" ? Texan witnesses describe the beast as being a cross between a canine and a kangaroo with razorsharp fangs. In Puerto Rico the chupacabra even looks better: a two-legged hairless beast that stands on its hind-legs like a kangaroo with sharp fangs and glowing red eyes. A skeleton, a frozen head and hairs are subjected to scientific tests. Could it be a dog ? Or a cross between a wolf and a coyote ? I guess we will never know.

   06 - "Ghosts"

We are going to investigate the infamous Lizzie Borden house where a gruesome axe-murder has taken place. The usual equipment is brought in. A hi-resolution thermocamera is used. Results ? That's not what I would call them.

   07 - "Giant Bear Attack"

"Weight: close to a ton, standing upright: twice the size of the average man, massive jaws capable of crushing bones, and lethal razorsharp claws". Are the bears in Alaska growing bigger ? Or has the giant shortfaced bear - thought to be extinct - survived the last ice age ?

   08 - "Giant Killer Snakes"

Off to Venezuela in search of Anacondas. And to South Florida, where idiots have released their pet pythons into the Everglades. Anacondas and Pythons can reach lengths of 30 feet and are capable of swallowing people. I love the mad researcher who wades throug the water to find anacondas with his bare feet !

   09 - "Giant Squid Ambush"

"A length of upward to a hundred feet, a beak, 8 arms and 2 long tentacles lined with sharp serrated suckers." Does such a giant squid exist in the Sea of Cortez ? The experts disagree. Daredevil divers put up fights to attach hitech cameras to angry large squids hoping to film even larger ones. Alas, no such luck...

   10 - "Jaws in Illinois"

Are sharks moving up the rivers of the US of A ? "Large muscular sharks, sometimes over 10 feet long, hundreds of miles away from the oceans".

   11 - "Lake Monsters of the North"

Do the lakes of Canada house sea serpents ? "A serpentine creature, 20 to 40 feet long, with a snake-like head and featureless body, it resembles an eel". Could it be a giant eel ? Experts scan the lake. Divers go down. Sadly it is all in vain...

   12 - "Legend of the Hairy Beast"

Known as "Hairy Man" to the Native Americans. "Similar in proportions to humans, only much larger, with heights ranging up to nine feet tall, the creature is covered in course dark hair and has piercing eyes." Is this the same creature we know as "Bigfoot" ? Yes, it would seem so.

   13 - "Mega Hog"

In the Southern US giant hogs are terrorising the territory. "Similar in proportion to normal hogs, but up to 4 times bigger, weight's going to exceed half a ton, tusks up to 6 inches long and razorsharp". I do like the taste of a roasted wild boar, but these are scary creatures for sure !

   14 - "Monster Spiders"

"A spider big enough to kill lifestock and children, up to 5 feet across, with huge fangs, and hairy bodies the size of small dogs". Do they exist ? And if so, are they large tarantulas or a new species ?

   15 - "Ohio Grassman"

"7 to 8 feet tall, walking upright with broad shoulders and black to brownish hair, very muscular build with large hands and feet". It is used to frighten the children into obedience. A strange skull is found. Many people have seen it. Giant nests are found. A handprint is found. Sounds are recorded. Sadly, no luck capturing the damn thing.

   16 - "Real Dragons"

"A huge dragon-like reptile, with an elongated neck and skull, up to 40 feet long, as large as a modernday bus". Can giant killerlizards be found in Australia ? Or do we have to make do with the Komodo Dragons ?

   17 - "Sasquatch Attack II"

Has a cabin in Ontario been vandalised by a Sasquatch ? "Hair-covered, six to ten feet tall, walking upright it has 17 inch feet, long arms and weighs about 1000 pounds". There is DNA, there is a hair, footprints, and rocks being thrown.

   18 - "Super Rats"

Are there rats as big as a cat ? Experts think the rats are growing and getting more aggressive. The remains of a prehistoric rat were found that must have been as big as a car. We search for giant rats under New York City. Sadly, we don't find them.

   19 - "Vampire Beast"

In North Carolina we find an unknown animal that kills off goats as well as dogs and seems to drink the blood rather than eat the meat. Witnesses have seen a dark brown beast with a face like a cat, claws like a dog and teeth like a vampire. Some 50 years ago similar things did happen. Has the beast returned, or could it be a cougar that has lost its way?

   20 - "Vampires in America"

This turned out to be an interesting documentary built around the various New England Vampires, and concentrating on the research by Nicholas Bellantoni and Michael Bell. To put things in a wider perspective we also have some further experts. There is Katherine Ramsland commenting on "The Vampire Clan" and the Welsh Vampire Killer. Psychic Vampire Michelle Belanger tells us about her need to feed on other people's vital force. She is then subjected to paranormal measurements. Konstantinos tells us about Elisabeth Bathory, Vlad Tepes and Dracula. We have Joy Poulos, living vampire, getting a check-up from Hematologist Lawrence Ossias, who also mentions porphyria. And there is Dr. Jeffery Laitman trying to explain death and post-mortem processes in just a few sentences. Nice one !

Monster Quest: Season 3, set 1

History Channel, no date

Apparently I haven't got the whole season 3 as yet, a sad situation that needs to be corrected. But this is what can be found on the first 2 DVD set:

   01 - "Death of Loch Ness"

All about Nessie, who is supposed to have died and whose remains may now be on the bottom of the Loch. The Monster Quest team goes in search of the monster's bones. Do they find them ? Hey, what do you think ?

   02 - "Cattle Killers"

Something is killing cattle and draining their blood. Satanic Cults ? An unknown predator ? Or something else ?

   03 - "Swamp Stalker"

Is there a monster in the swamps of Arkansaw ? An ape-like creature, 7 to 8 feet tall, weighing up to 300 pounds... A lot of people seem to think so.

   04 - "Devils in New Jersey"

The "Jersey Devil"... According to the descriptions the thing looks grotesque, but that's about the only thing the witnesses do agree on. A winged creature with the head of a horse ?

   05 - "Gators in the Sewers"

Are there alligators in the New York sewers ? We find cockroaches, slugs and centipedes and a salamander. But a sewer-gator ? No sign of the beast.

   06 - "Snowbeast Slaughter"

"A 7 to 10 foot tall creature that walks upright with long massive arms, weight between 600 and 800 pounds". The beast appears to feed by killing elk. Many sightings, large footprints in the snow: time to send out the helicopter...

   07 - "Mega Jaws"

Is there a supershark as big as a bus ? Could it be a prehistoric animal wrongfully thought to be extinct ? "A massive shark, 20 to 60 feet long, with huge eyes". On to the Sea of Cortez in search of the "Black Demon". An airplane is used to try to find the beast. A boat with divers is used as well. They find a giant shark, sadly it is not a predator.

   08 - "Monster Close Encounters"

There are tales about Sasquatch, about Bigfoot and, Good Heavens: Lizzard Man !

Monster Quest: Season 4

History Channel, no date

This is an 8 DVD set with the following episodes:

   01 - "Mysterious Ape Island"

Does a large unpleasant smelling ape-like creature live on Vancouver Island ? many claim to have seen it.

   02 - "Sea Monsters"

There are all the old reports on the legendary "Sea Serpent" with it's ugly head and trident tail. Do they exist ? Someone has many hours of evidence on video. Time to send in the team.

   03 - "Gigantic Killer Fish 2"

More giant killer fish from America's lakes and rivers. The Goliath Grouper is a nasty bastard for certain, that seems big enough to bite someone's head off.

   04 - "Killer Crocs"

Are crocodiles getting bigger and bigger ? According to witnesses they can be 16 to 30 feet long and weighing 2 to 3 tons. And - success at last - the team finds the biggest one ever found in Florida !

   05 - "Killer Jellyfish"

A jellyfish with one of the deadliest poisons known. Victims can die within 3 minutes. Not only are they growing in numbers, but they are getting bigger as well. And not only down under, for they seem to have been active in Europe and America as well.

   06 - "Flying Monsters"

So what are the flying monsters of Papua New Guinea ? Has a prehistoric animal, thought to be extinct, survived there ? Plenty of sightings. Will we find them ? I guess today is not the day...

   07 - "The Curse of the Monkey Man"

India... Is there a monster, part man, part ape that attacks humans ? It looks like it. Plenty of victims or so it would seem. The police has been hunting for it. Hairs are examined but appear to have come from a red panda. Blood samples turn out to be human.

   08 - "The last Dinosaur"

Is there a dinosaur in the African jungle, living in the river and eating the leaves off the trees ? Large footprints have been found. People claim to have seen the creature. Sonar is used, camera traps are set, but alas...

   09 - "Isle of the lost Tiger"

Is there such a thing as the "Tasmanian Tiger" ? It is described as a wolf-like creature with distinctive dark-brown stripes and a large head, with a very wide jaw and razor-sharp teeth. They did exist but are supposed to have been hunted down and wiped out. Could they still be here ?

   10 - "Critical Evidence"

Does Sasquatch exist ? There's lots of evidence from all over the USA. This episode "will analyse the most compelling evidence for the beast's existence"...

   11 - "Sierra Sasquatch"

Are groups of large apemen roaming around the Californian mountains ? Tracks have been found. People claim to have seen them. Let's go find out.

   12 - "Giant Killer Bees"

An experiment gone wrong... In an attempt to cross-breed bees into a species that would produce more honey, giant killer bees were created that attack and kill people.

   13 - "Mothman"

It looks like a cross between a man and a bat. "Seven feet tall, with a large wingspan 10 to 15 feet across, and weighing an estimated 250 pounds, part man and part beast, it has dark hair and eyes that glow a ghostly red at night...". The appearance of the Mothman is believed to be an omen that terrible disasters are going to happen. Is it a monster or could it be a dark angel ? The experts investigate and try to find answers. Nice one !

   14 - "Giant Pythons in America"

What happens if people keep exotic animals like pythons as a pet ? Not a lot of good or so it seems. Especially if they escape or are set free. Are they interbreeding ? Could they move up as far North as New York ?

   15 - "Lizard Monster"

Some say there is a large reptile-like 2-fingered creature that moves around in what looks like a flying garbage can that emits toxic gasses. Now have a guess where we can find such an unlikely monster ? You are right: only in America...

   16 - "America's Wolfman"

Are there werewolves in the Midwest ? "A menacing beast with dark hair, walking on its hindlegs and standing over seven feet tall, the creature is said to kill using deadly fangs and razor-sharp claws, and it emits bloodcurdling howls...". Plenty of research, witnesses, experts and everything else that makes me happy. I quite enjoyed watching it.

   17 - "Killer Chimps in America"

Have chimps been set free and gone wild in the USA ? I don't doubt it for a minute. Would it be wise to stay away from them ? You better believe it. Bloody Hell...

   18 - "The real Cujo"

Something is on the prowl... dangerous packs of wild dogs are roaming unchecked through the USA. They attack animals and sometimes kill people. Wild dogs are caught and get cameras attached around their necks. The experts seem excited about the images, but do we really learn anything new ? I wouldn't say so...

   19 - "Lake Demons"

On to Lake Okanagan where we go in search of a beast with a snake-like body that is said to be over 50 feet long, a creature that preys on fish and wildlife.

   20 - "Giant Fish"

In the Amazon river there are catfish, big enough to swallow small children. And in the USA there are giant pikes that attack people. And let's not forget the alligator gar, a horrible fish that you definitely would not want to bite your legs.

   21 - "Terror from the Sky"

Large human-like creatures, floating up in the air and even coming down to beat up a policeman. What are they ? Caught on film, plenty of witnesses. To complicate things we are told about Mayan engravings and the corpse of a tiny weird and unknown creature that was found. Nice one !

   22 - "Tigers in the Suburbs"

Are there giant black cats in the suburbs of upstate New York ? Many witnesses, but the experts are not convinced. Can they be exotic animals that have escaped or been set free ? Time to send in the team.

   23 - "The real Moby Dick"

White spermwhales, measuring up to 70 feet in length, they weigh some 50 tons and have rows of 40 to 50 sharp teeth. They are the largest predators in the world. Do they attack people and boats ? I'd say they do.

   24 - "Piranha Invasion"

It would seem that Piranhas are appearing in the rivers and lakes of the USA. Are they pet fish that have been set free ? If so, would they be able to survive the winter ? Let's go find out...

   25 - "Monster Sharks"

The great white shark, up to 25 feet in length, weighing as much as 7500 pounds. And it's attacking people along the US coastline.

   26 - "Hillbilly Beast"

Is there a mysterious and dangerous creature roaming the woods and swamps of Kentucky ? Looking like a very large ape, covered with long hair from top to bottom, it is scaring the locals.

   27 - "Abominable Snowman"

Off to Nepal for we go in search of the Yeti or Abominable Snowman, strong enough to kill a Yak with one strike. There are eyewitnesses, footprints, hair. The team goes to Nepal...

Mysterious Forces Beyond

Orion Channel, 2004

This nicely produced set of 2 DVDs features six different items.

   Episode 6 - "We are not Alone Alien Abductions"

Hallucinations ? Reality ? Dreams ? I quote: "So many Americans believe that we have alien visitors because they have been brain-washed by our news media." Let me quote one of the abducted: "They were talking through my dog." I can't help wondering, how did those bloody aliens do that. Lift up its tail and use the dog as a megaphone ? Kids, do not try this at home ! There are many dogs that do not like being talked through and I can't blame them. Obviously those aliens are years ahead of us. Man of the Day with both feet on the ground: Dr. Robert Baker.

Rosswell UFO Mysteries

HHO DVD, 2007

I have not seen it yet, the DVD that is. Although I must have seen quite a bit of material about this case before. Anyway, just for the hell of it, I decided to include this famous (should that be notorious ?) Alien. If I find back the DVD (and find the time to watch it) you will be the first to know.

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