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History, 2009

8 Discs. Judging by the titles there seems to be enough variety to keep everybody happy.

   DVD 4 - "Salem Witch Trials"

I am afraid that the title is a bit of a giveaway. Further information to follow.

True Horror: WITCHES

Discovery, 2010

The program starts off with a visit to "Witchfest" where 4000 modernday witches have gathered. We then get to see the story of Agnes Sampson and King James of Scotland. On to 1944 where Helen Duncan and her ectoplasmic stunts are being tried under the old Witchcraft Act. Somewhere between these items we have heard about the discovery in London of the dismembered body of a child. It seems to be a victim of African witchcraft. So we fly to South Africa, where the body parts of murdered people appear to be used for medical and magical purposes. We meet Kobus Jonker of the "SA Cult Crime Unit" who sends us off to the witchcraft market in Durban where we meet Dr. Mhlongo, a traditional healer. He shows us around the market where revolting ingredients are on sale. We witness the graduation of a Sangoma. Animals are being sacrified. There's singing and dancing. Gerard Labuschagne of the "SA Police Psychology Unit" tells us that the trade in body parts of murdered people will continue as long as people do believe in their magic power. And at the end we hear Mr. Head philosophising about ancient witches who were killed being the victims of superstition. And about the present, where certain African witches are indeed doing the devil's work.

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