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The Egyptian Book of the Dead

History Channel, no date

We see mummies, the Egyptian Afterlife, the journey of the soul, plenty of very nice re-enactments, experts, and - of course - "The Book of the Dead", which in this case happens to be the scroll of Ani. However, this mainly is the story of the famous Egyptologist E.A. Wallis Budge. Who seems to have been a bit of an entrepreneur and whose former reputation seems to have suffered a little on account of present day views regarding the ownership of archaeological treasures.

It makes me sad to see that the core bussiness of organised religion has hardly changed at all. For those ancient Egyptians already knew how to turn promises of eternal life into money. All in all this is a nice film and certainly worth watching. But do we learn anything new about the contents of the Book of the Dead ? Not really. If that is what you want you'll be better off buying a couple of good books on the subject.

Egypt - Rediscovering a Lost World

BBC, 2006

I suppose that by now you should know about my obsession with Egypt. So I am not going to explain why this one is here. I can not help wondering who is going to be the "showman" of episode 3. Mozes ?

1 Disc, 6 episodes, plus a bonus Disc. So I suppose that makes it 2 Discs really.

   episode 1 - "The Search for Tutankhamun"
   episode 2 - "The Curse of Tutankhamun"
   episode 3 - "The Pharaoh and the Showman"
   episode 4 - "The Temple of the Sands"
   episode 5 - "The Mystery of the Rosetta Stone"
   episode 6 - "The Secrets of the Hieroglyphs"


Hidden Egypt

Orion Channel, no date

Even as a very young child I was fascinated to read about Ancient Egypt, its Mythology and Religion, and of course its Mummies. My grandfather used to have a number of large illustrated books about Egypt and from the age of three or four they were my first introduction to the subject. Back to the present. This is a box-set of 3 DVDs.

   DVD 1 - The Secrets of the Pyramids

My main interest for Egypt is definitely not the pyramids, despite their size and secrets. But I have to hand it to the makers of this documentary that we get a very nice overview of all the Egyptian pyramids and their historical development. And there is plenty of other material to make it interesting to me.

   DVD 2 - Land of Mummies

Apart from the mummies there are lots of artifacts and artwork. There are great bits about mythology and such. And there is much interesting information about mummification and coffins. Grave robbers get mentioned. Curses too, some of which appear to be directed at the Gods rather than the grave robbers. All I can say is that it is some excellent material.

   DVD 3 - King Tut's Gold

Plenty of very nice images. Pyramids, the Sphinx, mummies and graves. There is the "Cursed Tomb opened". There is the death of Howard Carter's canary who got eaten by a Royal Cobra or something along those lines. There is Carter's death, which does not do much to promote the use of razors. There are curses and stuff. "Death will come on swift wings !" Need I say more ? A pretty damn good one !

Momies, Tombeaux Oubliés - (FRENCH LANGUAGE)

National Geographic (France), 1998

National Geographic has been around for ages, publishing great material. This happens to be a French language edition of an interesting documentary film about different types of mummies from all over the world. If you are interested in mummies, do not miss this one. Undoubtedly there will be an English version available somewhere. If not, just look at the wonderful pictures, or better still, surprise yourself and learn to understand French. Hey, even I have managed, so it can not be all that hard.

Paranormal Egypt

Universal, 2008

DVD 1 :
   Episode 1 - "Ramesses"
   Episode 2 - "The Great Pyramid"
DVD 2 :
   Episode 3 - "Tutankhamun"
   Episode 4 - "The Riddle of the Sphinx"
   Episode 5 - "The Step Pyramid and Saqqara"
DVD 3 :
   Episode 6 - "Queen Hatcheput"
   Episode 7 - "The Tomb Builders"
   Episode 8 - "Akhanaten and Nefertiti"

So what do we have ? There is historian Tessa Dunlop telling us horrible stories about all those ancient pharaos. And of course there is psychic medium Derek Acorah, running around, seeing things, going into trance, evoking things, invoking things, being attacked and being possessed. What can I say ? Kids, don't try this at home !

Saqqara - op zoek naar verdwenen Graftombes

National Geographic, 2002

A very nice and interesting documentary about lesser known Egyptian tombs and mummies. To me, National Geographic has become a standard for very high quality film and photography. And they definitely did not disappoint me on this one. It is amazing how much material from ancient Egypt has already been found. And it really blows your mind to see how much of it is still waiting out there to be discovered. If you are into mummies or Egypt, go see it !

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