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The Exorcism of Emily Rose - bonus : "The Real Exorcist"

Screen Gems, 2005

This film is said to be based on things that have really happened. I will first have to see this again before I can give you an honest opinion. Have I ever seen it I wonder ? But I do remember watching the bonus DVD that came with the film in this Limited Edition. It features a rather interesting documentary called "The Real Exorcist". I do remember that there were very nice images and some real exorcisms of possessed persons by orthodox priests. Probably filmed in the Ukraine or possibly Byelarus. I will let you know after I have seen it again. The documentary by itself seems sufficient reason to buy this DVD set. If you buy this, please do yourself a favour and make sure that your version does include the bonus material which is probably much more interesting than the film.

True Horror: DEMONS

Discovery, 2010

Vampire librarian Anthony Head takes a plane to the Vatican to meet with Father Gabriele Amorth, the main exorcist within the Catholic Church. This gentleman informs us that demons are real. On we go to the heat of the Syrian dessert to visit Palmyra where John Day shows us around the temple of Baal, explaining the origin of Beelzebub. Next stop: Laon and Irene Backus who shows us old documents about a famous case. We learn about the 6 steps of exorcism: the presence, the pretence, the breakpoint, the voice, the clash and the expulsion. Back to Irene Backus to wonder if the whole affair had not been some kind of show put up by the church. And back to the Vatican to confront Father Gabriele with these doubts. Home to London to see psychiatrist Alan Sanderson who believes in spirit attachments and sends the spirits off into "the light". Maybe not the best episode of the series, but at least the voice of reason seemed to be the winner.

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