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The Source:

Thomas Schürmann:
"Nachzehrerglauben in Mitteleuropa"
Marburg, 1990

The Case:

"Anläßlich eine Viehseuche habe man in einem Ort namens Zlatyczew einige Leichen ausgegraben und einem sogenannten Upiertz den Kopf abgestoßen. Sofort habe das Viehsterben aufgehört, die erkrankten Tiere seien genesen."

Let us say that this more or less translates into the following;

"As a reaction to an epidemic among the cattle, in a place called Zlatyczew, they dug up a couple of corpses and chopped off the head of a so-called Upiertz. Immediately the cattle stopped dying and the animals that were diseased got better again."

The Date:

We have been given the year of 1721.

The Place:

Here we have a problem. I have not been able to trace the location of Zlatyczew so far. Now the place is reported to be situated in Podolia. Which happens to be a former Russian district or province or whatever. Practically all of what used to be Podolia is now situated within the Ukraina. There is a small part that now seems part of Moldova. For the moment I will take it that Zlatyczew is in the Ukraina. If it turns out that I am wrong, I guess I will just have to move it.

Possible Follow-Up:

You could do worse than try to find yourself a copy of Thomas Schürmann's excellent "Nachzehrerglauben in Mitteleuropa". As far as I can tell the book seems out of print. But fortunately I managed to get myself a secondhand copy, that - I am happy to say - is in perfect condition.

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