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The Source:

Asociated Press: "Serbian villagers claim legendary vampire is haunting their town"
as published by NY Daily News, 01-12-2012

TV-series - "Misterije Srbije":
"Druzina Save Savanovica"

The Case:

There is - or used to be - an old watermill near Zarozje. Something strange must have happened, for the miller, named Sava Savanovic, started attacking his customers and drank their blood. Apparently he got killed and at his burial a stake was driven through his heart. But before this was done, the vampire had escaped its body in the shape of a butterfly. It may sound familiar to those of you who have watched the film "Leptirica" which was more or less based on the story.

The watermill was still being used until the late fifties of the last Century. After that, it slowly decayed into a ruin and in 2012 collapsed. When this happened, some joker in the local Council send out a message stating that the vampire Savanovic would now be looking for a new home. And that is how the story ended up being covered by the media.

According to the locals there were a number of sudden deaths in Zarozje and one man hanged himself.

The Date:

It would appear that "the watermill" had collapsed a couple of months before, so we can put the alleged re-awakening of the vampire Sava Savanovic in the year of 2012.

The Place:

Zarozje is a small Serbian village that can be found close to the Bosnian border, somewhere let's say in the middle between Beograd and Sarajevo.

Personal Comments:

In 2007, a TV series called "Misterije Srbije" dedicated two half-hour episodes to the case under the title "Druzina Save Savanovica". Apart from a few experts many locals were questioned about the Savanovic story. You can find them on YouTube though I must warn you they are in Serbian without subtitles, which might be a bit of a problem to some.

It has been suggested that some of the villagers were hoping that the news about Sava Savanovic would put Zarozje on the map as a destination for vampire tourists. If so, so what ? And the collapse of the watermill plus the message from the Council will undoubtedly have given new food to such hopes. It must be said that a bloody large sign has been put up at the village entrance, promoting Zarozje as the home of the vampire Savanovic.

Possible Follow-Up:

The story has been widely covered by the media. Go check it out. There are photos and there is some video. Plenty for you to find. At the same time, let's not forget the legend. It should be interesting to see if it has made its way into print before the more recent media attention started.

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