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The Source:

Reinhard Pohanka:
"Lebendig begraben - ein Skelettfund aus dem Chor der Minoritenkirche in Wien: Opfer der Medizin, Übeltäter oder Wiedergänger?"

The Case:

As there were plans to build a new line for the Underground, archaeological research was being done around the Minoritenkirche of Vienna. Close to a hundred bodies were found, all with their head directed to the West. All except one: the skeleton of a man of around 35 years, with a length of about 1.70 meter. Not only was it the only person whose head was directed to the East, he was also laying on his belly, with one arm below him and the other one on his back.

Mr. Pohanka - being a scientist - does a lot of wondering and speculating. Could the man have been buried alive ? Could the undertakers have been so drunk that they made the coffin fall down, thus turning the body on to its belly and making the coffin face the wrong direction ? Or would it be possible that this deviant burial was intentional and the man was suspected to come back from the grave as a Wiedergänger ?

I don't have the answer. But I think there is sufficient reason to add this gentleman from Wien to our pages.

The Date:

According to Reinhard Pohanka's report, the corpse seems to date back to the 16th Century. So that is where we will file this case.

The Place:

Wien, or Vienna if you want, being the capital city of Austria I do not think the location needs any further explanation. And, once there, the Minoritenkirche too will be easy to find. Just take the Underground and get out at Herrengasse.

Possible Follow-Up:

The only information I have found so far is Reinhard Pohanka's "Lebendig begraben - ein Skelettfund aus dem Chor der Minoritenkirche in Wien". I found it on the internet somewhere, just don't ask me where. Well, if I found it I bet you won't have any trouble finding it yourself.

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