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The Source:

Dudley Wright:
"Vampires and Vampirism" [1914]
William Rider & Son, London, 1924

Montague Summers :
"The Vampire in Europe" [1929]
Kegan Paul, Trench, Trubner & Co., London, 1929

The Case:

Let us quote Dudley Wright:

"At Waterford, in Ireland, there is a little graveyard under a ruined church near Strongbow's Tower. Legend has it that underneath the ground at this spot there lies a beautiful female vampire still ready to kill those she can lure thither by her beauty."

Montague Summers treats Wright's story with contempt. There never was a tower called "Strongbow's Tower" at Waterford. Probably there is some confused reference to "Reginald's Tower" which Strongbow used as a fortress in 1170. Etc., etc.

The Date:

Impossible to say. It can be any time before 1914 when Dudley Wright's book was first published.

The Place:

Waterford is an old harbour town in the SouthEast of Ireland. It may be good to remember that there is an Irish County that is also called Waterford. Ardmore is further South down the coast.

Personal Comments:

Let's go back to Wright's "At Waterford, in Ireland, there is a little graveyard under a ruined church near Strongbow's Tower". In fact there is a graveyard inside a ruined church close to an ancient tower. It can be found in Ardmore, which is a place that is located within Waterford County. Could this be the place that Wright (or his source) is referring too ?

Possible Follow-Up:

Wright's story must have a source. Let's try to find it. Immerse yourself in Irish history and see if you can discover any links between Strongbow and the ancient tower at Ardmore. See if you can find other towers that fit the description. Check the internet and collect all the different variations you can find on the story of the Waterford vampire.

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