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The Source:

Alfed Harou:
"Vampires Contemporains"
in: "Revue des Traditions Populaires", 1887

The Case:

"En dépit de toutes les surveillances, ces profanations se reproduisent assez souvent : il y a quelques années, au village de Viroslav, en Russie, où la superstition du vampirisme avait pris le caractère d'une sorte d'épidémie, on fut obligé d'envoyer un bataillon pour garder le cimetière."

which more or less translates into this:

"Despite all the surveillance, these desecrations happened often enough: a couple of years ago, in the village of Viroslav in Russia, the superstition of vampirism had become something of an epidemic and it was needed to send over a batallion of soldiers to guard the cemetery."

The Date:

All we can say is that the events must have taken place "a couple of years" before 1887.

The Place:

I have not found a place called Viroslav so far. I have placed this under Russia, as that is the country mentioned in the article. However, it would not be impossible that Viroslav has moved to another country, say like the Ukraine or Belarus.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go find and read Alfred Harou's "Vampires Contemporains", so you can check if there is further information that I might have forgotten to mention. ALWAYS check your sources !

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