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The Sources:

Mark Collins Jenkins:
"Vampire Forensics - Uncovering the origins of an enduring legend"
National Geographic, 2010

Jordi Ardanuy:
"Troballa d'un esquelet d'un possible "vampir" del segle XVI"
in: "L'Upir" vol.3, no 19 - 2009

The Case:

When forensic expert Matteo Borrini conducted some archaeological research of a Venetian mass grave of plague victims, he discovered the skeleton of a woman. A large piece of stone - some reports call it a brick - had been wedged between her jaws. And it is assumed that this had been done in order to prevent her return as one of the undead.

The Date:

The archaeological discovery took place on 11 August 2006. As to the skull and skeleton, they are said to date back to the layer of 1576.

The Place:

The find was made on the Isola del Lazzaretto Nuovo, one of the islands of Venice, Italy.

Possible Follow-Up:

Apart from the bits and pieces in the book by Mark Collins Jenkins, an awful lot has been published about this case. Much of it can be found on the internet, lots of photos too. Go check out all of it and try to weed out the nonsense and keep hold of the facts. Matteo Borrini used to have his own internet site. If it is still there, go find it and check it out. He also has done a facial reconstruction of the skull. Apart from articles, there are lots of photos to be found. And National Geographic has brought out a documentary about the case on DVD. Go find it. Go watch it.

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