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The Source:

Sandro S. Saponetti, Fabio Scattarella, Amelia De Lucia and Vito Scattarella:
"Paleobiology, Palaeopathology and Necrophobic Practices in Early Iron Age Burials (IX–VII Century BC) in Capo Colonna, Trani, Apulia, Southern Italy"
Coll. Antropol., 2007

The Case:

In 2001, archaeological excavations uncovered two graves dating back to the Iron Age. The first grave contained the remains of two men, both of around 35 years-old. Plus a young woman of 15 to 17 years old. In the second grave there was only one male person who must have been 20 to 25 years old at the time of his death. All of them had a large heavy stone on top of them.

The authors of the article feel that most likely this is "a funeral ritual characterized by necrophobia", meant to prevent the return of the dead.

The Date:

We have been given a dating of 9th-7th Century BC.

The Place:

Trani can be found in the South of Italy, on the Adriatic coast, to the West of Bari. There is a small peninsula near Trani that would seem to be the place where the excavations took place. It has the church of S. Maria di Colonna. I am telling you this because there is another Capo Colonna, which might cause confusion.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go find the article I used as my source. There is a lot more interesting information to be found in there.

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