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Tichij Chutorj

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The Source:

A. Löwenstimm :
"Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]
Verlag Johannes Räde, Berlin, 1897

The Case:

In the year of 1868, in the village of Tichij Chutorj, no rain was coming and the farmers were scared that all their crops would just wither away. So they went to the cemetery and opened a suspect grave. They took out the corpse and beat it on the head, shouting: "Give us rain !". Then they showered the corpse with water poured through a sieve. And then the corpse was reburied again.

The Date:

We have been given a date: in the year of 1868.

The Place:

I haven't found Tichij Chutorj on any of my maps of the Ukraine. But undoubtedly it must be there somewhere. Its spelling may be slightly different, depending on the language into which it has been transcribed. To give you an example, the Russian character "X" may be transcribed as "ch" in some languages and as "kh" in others. Keep this in mind if you go in search of Tichij Chutorj.

Possible Follow-Up:

Once again we will have to find Löwenstimm's opus. As you may have noticed, it has been the source for most of our Ukrainan cases. So it is an important book. It would be nice if we knew the location of Tichij Chutorj. So we could stick another pin in our vampire map of Europe...

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