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The Source:

A. Löwenstimm :
"Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]
Verlag Johannes Räde, Berlin, 1897

The Case:

On 30 July 1893 a large number of people went to the cemetery of the village of Tashtamakowa. They opened the grave of a peasant woman called Marina Kusjmin. During her life she had had the reputation of being a witch. And now that there was some kind of epidemic disease in the village, she was thought to be the cause of it. An oak-wood stake was driven through the corpse and the grave was closed again. The Court of Kasanj convicted 12 of the "vampire hunters" to sentences of 16 months in prison. But later, in view of the fact that the men had only tried to protect the life of the villagers, the sentences were changed to one month.

The Date:

We have been given a nice clear date: 30 July, 1893.

The Place:

The town of Tashtamak can be found in the Republic of Bashkortostan. On a larger scale, it is located somewhere halfway between the towns of Minsk and Novosibirsk. One could of course argue that Tashtamak is located in Asia rather than in Europe. Bashkortostan however seems to be one of those Transcontinental countries that are considered to be part of both continents.

Possible Follow-Up:

Obviously you must find and read Löwenstimm's book. I found it. And if I can find it anyone can. Löwenstimm gives us his sources, and as a bonus there are quite a few other interesting cases in his book.

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