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The Source:

Peter Haining: "The Dracula Centenary Book"
London, 1987

The Case

In his "Dracula Centenary Book" [1987], Peter Haining mentions the discovery, in a garden in St.Osyth, of a woman's skeleton that had been tied with a rope. Nails had been driven through her tighbones to prevent the corpse from leaving the grave. Haining suggests that the woman may have been a vampire.

In his "Dictionary of Vampires" [2000], Haining returns to the case, adding the information that Eric Maple has written about it in his "The Realm of Ghosts" [1964].

The Date:

According to Haining the interesting skeleton was discovered in 1921.

The Place:

This is no problem. I well remember my own visit to St.Osyth way back in the nineties. It is a small village close to the English East coast, somewhat to the NorthWest of Clacton-on-Sea. Its main fame is its connection with the bad old days when people were still executed, accused of being witches.

Possible Follow-Up:

Now of course I could have taken my own copy of Eric Maple's "Realm of Ghosts" from the shelf, but I am here to stimulate people to do their own research, not to make things easy for them. So go check out Mr. Maple's version of the case and see if he has anything to add to the case. You could also see if you can find the case mentioned in the local newspapers of the time.

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