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The Source:

"Znam za nad sto pogrebeniya na znatni khora, narotseni za vampiri"
in: Mediapool.bg, 4 June 2012

anon :
"Archaeologists in the Black Sea town of Sozopol uncover two 800-year-old skeletons with stakes through their chests"
in: The Week, 6 June 2012

"Archšologen graben "Vampir" aus"
in: Spiegel-Online, 6 June 2012

"NIM shtshe priyuti vampira na Bozhidar Dimitrov"
in: Mediapool.bg, 7 June 2012

"Nova nakhodka na vampir - tozi put c keciyka sreburin moneti"
in: Mediapool.bg, 10 June 2012

"Vampirut na Bozhidar Dimitrov vetze e v Sofia i predstoi da bude izlozhen"
in: Mediapool.bg, 11 June 2012

"Vampirut na Bozhidar Dimitrov vsushtshnost bil piratut Krivitsh"
in: Mediapool.bg, 14 June 2012

Veselin Toshkov :
"Bulgaria: 'Vampire' skeleton going on display"
Associated Press, June 14 2012

"Bulgarie: un squelette de vampire potentiel, vedette du musťe historique de Sofia"
in: LaDepeche, 15 June 2012

The Case:

So what have we got ? As there seems to be plenty of material that should be easily available to you, I will limit my efforts to giving you the main facts. During archaeological excavations at a church near Sozopol, two skeletons were found that appear to have been impaled with iron spikes. On we move to a gentleman called Bozhidar Dimitrov, director of the National History Museum (NIM) of Sofia. He is described in the Bulgarian media as "a former minister who was removed from office after a short but controversial stay". Mr. Dimitrov rightfully sees the commercial potential of this discovery and has one of the graves moved to his museum. The media are invited, press conferences are held, and the story does get worldwide coverage.

We are told that the skeletons are 700 years old. And although there is no evidence as to the identity of the "vampires", Mr. Dimitrov suspects that one of them could be the notorious pirate Krivich. I am confident that this will not be the last that we have seen and heard about the case...

The Date:

Some of the reports mention a 700-year-old skeleton, others make it 800 years old. Let's stick to the original Bulgarian versions and keep it at 700. This would put the case somewhere around the early 14th Century.

The Place:

Sozopol is a small town on the coast of the Black Sea, a little to the SouthEast of the larger harbor town of Burgas.

Possible Follow-Up:

You can start by trying to find all you can about this case, and keep following up on it. It has had plenty of newspaper and internet coverage so far. There are lots of photos and videos to be found. There's the museum where one of the skeletons is said to be on display. Go check it all out and then try to make sense of it, as always keeping in mind that being a vampire is not the only reason why people have been staked in the past.

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