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The Sources:

Matthew Beresford:
"The Dangerous Dead - The Early Medieval deviant burial at Southwell,
Nottinghamshire in a wider context"
MBArchaeology Local Heritage Series, 2012

Anna Edwards:
"Rare skeleton of 'vampire' discovered in Britain with spikes through shoulders, heart and ankles"
Mail Online, 4 november 2012

Reinoud Schaatsbergen:
"Meer bekend over vampierskelet uit Groot-BrittanniŽ"
Archeologie Online, 9 november 2012

The Case

Way back in 1959 excavations took place on a site in Southwell where a school was going to be built. An archaeologist called Charles Daniels found the skeleton remains of a person that "had been ritually staked, with iron nails piercing the shoulders, heart and ankles."

The Date:

According to our news sources the skeleton dates back to between 550 and 700. So, for the moment, let us file it as "around 600" which - for a case as old as this - seems to be close enough either way.

The Place:

Southwell can be found somewhere SouthEast of Sheffield.

Possible Follow-Up:

The discovery of this skeleton has got plenty of news coverage. There are mentions about it on the internet from all over the world. I even found versions of the article in the Romanian and the Albanian language. So it should not be hard for you to find further information about it.

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