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The Source:

Nicolaus Equiamicus :
"Vampire - Von damals bis(s) heute" [2010]
Ubooks Verlag, Diest, Germany, 2010

According to Equiamicus his source for the story is L÷wenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht", Berlin, 1897.

The Case:

In August 1892, in a village called Somenischki, in the district Ponewjew, in the province of Kowno, a farmer's wife called Galinassow had hanged herself. On account of her suicide, the Catholic priest refused to perform the usual rituals. The sons of the woman were afraid that their mother would find no rest in her grave. So they chopped off her head and placed it at her feet.

The Date:

No complaints, we have been given a date: August 1892

The Place:

The village of Somenischki seems hard to find. But Equiamicus has found that Ponewjew has been renamed to Panevezys. Kowno is the town of Kaunas.

Possible Follow-Up:

It would be nice if we would manage to find the location of Somenischki. And of course we have to find L÷wenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht". Let's look for his sources and check them out. The fact that the case was mentioned in L÷wenstimm's book probably means that there has been a trial against the brothers. This may have been covered by the press. There are plenty of things we can do.

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