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The Source:

A. Löwenstimm :
"Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]
Verlag Johannes Räde, Berlin, 1897

The Case:

In the year of 1889, in the village of Sinokriwetz, there had been no rain for an exceptional long time. The peasants put the blame on an old man who had died. For he had been born with a "tail", which meant that he would become a vampire after his death. The old man's corpse was taken from the grave, and in some attempt at "sympathetic magic", water was poured over the body. After this the corpse was reburied again.

The Date:

We do have a date: in the year of 1889.

The Place:

Sinokriwetz... I am ashamed to confess that I haven't found it yet. But Sinokriwetz is supposed to be in the Kherson district. And Kherson is a large town that can be found East (or was it West ?) of Odessa.

Possible Follow-Up:

It's always a pleasure to find cases where the dead are being accused of a somewhat unusual kind of crime. Apparently it was thought that this dead man could influence the weather. First and foremost, go find yourself a copy of Löwenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht". As you may have noticed, there are various cases in there. This particular case also seems to have had coverage in an Odessa newspaper. See if you can find it. And if all fails, you can always try to find the exact location of Sinokriwetz.

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