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The Source:

Paul Barber:
"Vampires, Burial and Death - Folklore and Reality" [1988]
Yale University Press, New Haven & London, 1988

The Case:

Mr. Barber informs us that he has found the story in L÷wenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]. This is the tale.

The priest of the Veliko-Shukhovits Church made a complaint to the local authorities:
"... the peasants, against his will, had disinterred the deceased peasant girl Justina Yuschkov, had taken her out of the coffin, and had performed on her a 'bestial operation'; and they had done this in order to end the reign of cholera among them. ..."

This - more or less - is what had happened. Justina Yuschkov was the first to die of the cholera. The cholera continued to make new victims, and the villagers sought the help of a medical officer named Rubtsov. He adviced them to dig up the girl and see if she was pregnant and also see if her mouth was open. The grave was opened, the girl cut open but nothing was found inside her. The coffin was searched and a dead baby was found. They also found that the girl's mouth was open. So they drove an ashwood stake through the corpse and reburied her.

The Date:

This at least seems clear: it was on 17 August 1848 that the priest made his official complaint about the peasants. So it seems likely that the events have taken place earlier that year.

The Place:

Sadly, no place name is given. So it is quite possible that although the case took place in Russia, it may now be in a different country like Belarus or the Ukraine. But, until we find further evidence, we will keep it listed under Russia.

Possible Follow-Up:

First go check Barber's account. Then go find the book by L÷wenstimm. We do have a nice date. We already have the name of the church, and there also is mention of the medical officer called Rubtsov. Plenty of information to help us get started. What are you waiting for ?

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