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The Source:

Jan L. Perkowski :
"The Darkling - a treatise on Slavic Vampirism" [1989]
Slavica Publishers Inc., Columbus - Ohio, 1989

The Case:

In the village of Rajchilovski a man called Velin had died after falling off a roof. The villagers knew in advance that he would be a vampire, for when they were dressing the corpse it became bloated and the next morning it was like a "full-blown drum". The vampire did not disappoint them. He set free the animals from their enclosures, rode horses through the fields, scattered household objects and suffocated young and old. Sadly the story does not tells us if and how "Velin the Vampire" met his end.

The Date:

Perkowski informs us that the story was taken from a Bulgarian magazine from 1918. So all we can say is that the happenings must have taken place before then.

The Place:

Rajchilovci can be found to the West of the Bulgarian capitol Sofia.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go read Perkowski's excellent book. There you will find further information about when and where the story was first published. Next, go surprise us all and find the Bulgarian magazine...

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