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The Source:

Johann Georg von Hahn:
"Albanesische Studien"
Verlag Friedrich Mauke, Jena, 1854

The Case

"In Perlepé sollen mehrere Familien wohnen, welche Wampiri heissen. Sie gelten als Abkömmlinge solcher Wurwolak, und sind von aller Welt gemieden. Sie verstehen sich auf die Kunst schwärmende Wurwolaks zur Ruhe zu bringen, halten dieselbe aber sehr geheim; man verschreibt sie zu ihrer Ausübung auch nach anderen Städten."

Ok, here goes:

"In Perlepé there are supposed to live several families called Wampiri. They are said to be descendants from such a Wurwolak and are shunned by the whole world. They know the art of bringing wandering Wurwolaks to rest, but they keep their expertise very secret; they are also requested to practice their art in other places."

The Date:

All we can do is file this as "before 1854", the date when the book was published.

The Place:

Perlepé appears to be the Turkish name for this town which is called Prilapos in Greek. It is now part of Macedonia and called Prilep.

Possible Follow-Up:

Find and read Hahn's "Albanesische Studien". It does have some interesting material about Albanese vampires.

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