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The Source:

"Vampire slayer impales Milosevic to stop return"
in: "Herald Scotland", 10-03-2007

"Holzpfahl in Milosevics Grab gerammt"
in: "Die Welt", 05-03-2007

The Case:

After the former dictator Slobodan Milosevic had died, sadly before his trial was finished, his body was moved back to Serbia. The authorities refused his burial in the city cemetery and in the end it was decided to bury him in the garden of his house in Pozarevac.

According to the German newspaper "Die Welt", one year after the death of Milosevic, a man broke into the garden and hammered a meter-long wooden pole at the place where he suspected that the heart of the deceased Serbian President would be.

The Milosevic family complained that the police had refused to intervene and that they were taking no action against the culprit. So they hired a private security firm to watch over the grave.

As to the stake-man, he declared that his actions had been an artistic "performance" with a symbolic meaning, or something of the sort. Personally, not that you want to know, I am of the opinion that art that needs to be explained is miserable at best.

The Date:

It seems pretty certain that the events have taken place in the year of 2007.

The Place:

Pozarevac can be found East of Smedorovo, not very far from the Romanian border.

Personal Comments:

This story did get some coverage by the regular media. But it really started a life of its own on the internet. It was discussed in many a forum, and turned up in blogs and on other pages.

It is interesting material to read as it offers some insight into how these stories grow. For instance, I read somewhere, stated as a fact, that the heart of Milosevic had been cut out by "vampire hunters" to be boiled in vinegar.

As we all know, doubts were raised about the way he died. Several autopsies were performed to satisfy all parties. So there seems little doubt that the heart of Milosevic was cut out indeed. But - in all probablility - I very much doubt that his heart has ever made it back all the way to the Pozarevac family home. My uneducated guess is that it is still being kept as evidence in a forensic lab somewhere.

Obviously and unlike some, I do not consider Milosevic to be a vampire in the true sense of the word. But with the stake in his grave and all the hype and nonesense about it, I could hardly leave this case unmentioned.

Possible Follow-Up:

There is plenty of material to be found. So go get it !

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