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The Source:

Paul Sébillot:
"Traditions et Superstitions de la Haute-Bretagne" vol.I
in: "Les Littératures populaires de toutes les Nations", vol.IX
Paris, 1882

The Case:

"A la tombée de la nuit on voit — ce sont surtout des femmes auxquelles cette apparition se montre — des prêtres glissant comme des ombres ou des hommes blancs. Ceux-ci, qui ont le visage 'blanc comme des linges' et sont habillés de blanc, ne se montrent qu'aux femmes isolées, et seulement pendant l'été.
Il y a quelques années, le bruit d'apparitions de ce genre se répandit aux environs de Plancoët et prit une telle consistance, que la presse s'en mêla, et un peu aussi la gendarmerie."

Translation time, ain't I the lucky one !

"At nightfall people see - and it is mainly women who see this - priests who are gliding like shadows or 'hommes blancs'. These have a face that is as white as a sheet, are clothed in white, and they only show themselves to single women, and only during the summer.
A couple of years ago, talk about these kind of apparitions concentrated around Plancoët and it was so consistent that the newspapers got into it, and - a little later - also the police."

The Date:

As to the date, we have been informed that the events took place "a couple of years" before the book was written/published. So for the moment let us file it as "around 1880".

The Place:

Plancoët can be found close to the Northern coast of Bretagne, slightly to the South-West of Saint-Malo.

Possible Follow-Up:

Sure, the "Hommes Blancs" of the Provence are reported to be some kind of vampire. I must admit that I have not found any mentions so far that indicates what is specifically vampiric about them. The same goes here in the North of Bretagne. But, as I have tried to explain elsewhere, to me it is sufficient that someone somewhere has said that this is a vampire. I have also added this, because here at last we are given a good description of what the Breton version of the "Hommes Blancs" are supposed to look like. It is also nice that we seem to have a case here that is said to have made the newspapers and even has attracted the interest of the police. This gives us room for further investigation. It would be nice if we could find out more about that.

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