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The Source:

Albert Hellweg :
"Verbrechen und Aberglaube"
Verlag Teubner, Leipzig, 1908

The Case:

The Hungarian newspapers reported the following case from the town of Pecs. A 19-year-old farmhand named Kapeczan had died of tuberculosis. After his burial the rumor started that he had not died a natural death, so the authorities had his grave reopened. To their surprise they found that a number of 25cm long nails had been hammered through the feet, the heart, and the head of the man. which such force that the skull was completely smashed to pieces. The mother and a brother of the deceased were arrested. They said that they had done this to prevent the return of the dead man from his grave.

The Date:

No date is given. Hellweg tells us: "some time ago". So we may take it that things have happened some time before the publication of his book in 1908.

The Place:

Pecs is a town in the SouthWest of Hungary, not far from the Croatian border.

Possible Follow-Up:

Things must probably have happened, let's say some time around 1900. Hellweg does not give us his sources, apart from his mention of newspaper coverage. Our best bet seems to start digging around in the local newspapers. If we can find them.

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