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The Source:

Agenzia Giornalistica Italia, Palermo, 23 July, 2005

The Case

A 48-year-old singer called Ugo and his 38-year-old friend Caterina were arrested and put into prison. They had told an old woman that they were vampires. And they warned her - how kind and considerate ! - that she was going to be possessed by the Antichrist. The only way she could be saved was by buying some kind of magical medication. As we all know, the pharmaceutical industry likes to make large profits, so pills and potions can cost quite a lot of money. In 4 years time the old lady was robbed of no less than 50.000 Euro. Fortunately, the old woman's sister noticed that money was disappearing and notified the police. The "vampires" were arrested and put in jail awaiting their trial.

The Date:

The two "vampires" first contacted the woman in 2001. They were arrested in July 2005.

The Place:

Palermo is the main town on the Italian island Sicilia. And Sicilia, as we all know, is the home of the... Sicilians.

Personal Comments:

I know... These pages are supposed to be about dead corpses rather than vampire criminals. But, hey, they are MY pages, so sometimes I do make an exception. This story clearly demonstrates how people can exploit the vampire superstition for their own purposes. I have heard of a case where an unscrupulous person went out at night to sleep with a young widow, pretending to be her dead husband. I have witnessed a case where someone was exploiting the vampire superstition in order to sell his books and other merchandise. It is good to remember that certain cases of vampirism may have a simple and rather mundane explanation.

Possible Follow-Up:

There does not seem to be an awful lot that we can do. Find more newspaper articles about the case and the trial. Unlike myself, the newspaper does give you the full names of the "vampires". Palermo certainly seems worth a visit, vampires or not. If you go there, don't forget to go see the famous mummies inside the Catacombe dei Cappuccini. And - I know it is none of my business, just some well-meant friendly advice - be wise and don't buy any pills from strangers.

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