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The Source:

Peter Haining:
"A Dictionary of Vampires"
Robert Hale, London, UK, 2000

Jean-Paul Bourre:
"Dracula et les Vampires"
Éditions du Rocher, Monaco, 1981

The Case:

Mr. Haining informs us that a vampire had been reported to be on the loose in Nucourt. A corpse was found "completely drained of blood". The corpse was covered in small teeth marks. And the murderer could not be found. In 1974 several tombs in the same place had been rifled with.

Although no source is given, it is clear that this item comes from the books of Jean-Paul Bourre. Let's see what he has to say:

In the 19th Century (and not in 1926 as Haining has it) a corpse, drained from its blood, was found near the old Templar Tower of Neauphle. The body was covered in what looked like wounds made by a trident. In 1974 three Templar tombs in the cemetery of Nucourt were broken into and robbed of their content.

The Date:

Mr. Haining puts the case under 1926. Jean-Paul Bourre - and this time I'd rather put my trust in him - informs us that the event took place in the 19th Century.

The Place:

Nucourt and the Templar Tower can be found NorthWest of Paris.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go read Peter Haining's account and compare it with Jean-Paul Bourre's. Bourre mentions the case in several of his vampire books so there are further details to be found. And of course it would be nice if we could get this story confirmed by more reliable sources...

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