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The Source:

Henry Tyrrell:
"History of the Russian Empire"
London Printing and Publishing Company, 1859

The Case:

Dmitri also know as "False Dmitri" managed to force Czar Boris Godunov from the Russian throne, but soon was massacred himself by Knyaz Vasily Shuisky. This is what happened to him after his death:

"The mangled body of Dmitri was exposed for three days, in the place of execution, to the gaze of the people. This was done that, at least no doubt might exist about his death. But the disgusting fury of the assassins had defeated their purpose. The corpse, bruised, mangled, and misshapen, bore but little resemblance to humanity. Certainly, no one could recognise in that shocking mass the handsome young man who, but a few days before, had been seen glittering with gold and jewels, and wearing on his open brow the imperial crown. As the disfigured features could not be identified, conjecture was speedily at work; and some of the people suggested that Dmitri had again escaped, and that some one else had fallen a victim by mistake. Some persons even said that the dead man had a beard; while it was well known that Dmitri had none. On the third night a blue flame was observed playing over the body, and this natural result of putrefaction inspired the people with a feeling of superstitious terror. The corpse was therefore buried in a cemetery beyond the city walls. As a hurricane blew when Dmitri entered Moscow, so another followed his mangled corpse out of it. It was reported that supernatural events followed even after the body had been placed in the grave; and the affrighted people whispered to each other that the dead Dmitri was a vampire, or one of those wizards who, by means of hell-born arts, can rise at intervals from the grave and resume the functions of life. This wild superstition was so generally believed, that the authorities caused the body to be exhumed and burnt. The ashes were then collected, mixed with gunpowder, rammed into a cannon, and fired down the road leading to Poland."

The Date:

The events are supposed to have taken place in 1606.

The Place:

Moscow should not be hard to find on a map of Russia.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go read Henry Tyrrell's "History of the Russian Empire". Or any of the hundreds of other books that can be found about this old conflict...

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