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The Source:

Helmut Stöflin:
"Archäologen bargen in Molzbichl Sensationsfund"
in: Kleine Zeitung, 8 September 2013

The Case:

During excavations in the garden of a church in Molzbichl, archaeologist Kurt Karpf and his team discovered 4 skeletons. Based on objects found in the graves the skeletons are supposed to date back to around the year 1000. One of the skeletons had been fixed to the ground with a stake driven through the breast. After that the corpse had been covered with a layer of stones.

As the experts pointed out, this could not be the execution of a criminal because such laws did not exist there until 4 centuries later. They think it must be a case of the old superstition about so-called "Wöchnerinnen", women who had died at or shortly after childbirth and who were thought to return from the grave to take their child with them.

All the experts are excited and do agree that this is an "archäologischen Unikat" for Austria.

The Date:

We have been informed that the grave dates back to around 1000.

The Place:

Molzbichl can be found in the South of Austria, close to the Millstätter See and not very far from the Italian and Slovenian borders.

Possible Follow-Up:

It is nice to find another Austrian case. Go check out the article about it. It gives you much more useful information. I am pretty sure that more will have been published about it. All we have to do is go find it.

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