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The Sources:

Friedrich S. Krauss :
"South Slavic Countermeasures against Vampires" [1892]
in Alan Dunde's "The Vampire - A Casebook"
University of Wisconsin Press, USA, 1998

The Case:

In the village of Mihaljevci a man fell of a wagon, got his head caught under a wheel and died with a crushed skull. Eight days after his burial he came back and started sleeping with his neighbour's wife. Not only that, but he also got her pregnant. Some women advised her to tie a long thread around his toe so she could find his grave. In the morning they followed the thread and together with the village priest the grave was opened. The dead man was found lying on his belly. A hawthorne stake was driven through his head which exploded "with a sound as loud as a canon". The priest blessed the corpse and the dead man was never seen again. The woman gave birth to a child that died soon.

The Date:

All we can safely say is that the story must have happened before 1892, when this article was first published.

The Place:

Mihaljevci can be found just a little to the North of Pozega, in Croatia.

Possible Follow-Up:

I bet you know what you are supposed to do. First go find and read the translated version in Alan Dundes'book. I promise you that he will give you the exact source where the article comes from.

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