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The Source:

Auguste Dozon :
"Chansons populaires bulgares inédites, publiées et traduites par Auguste Dozon"
Maisonneuve, Paris, France, 1875

The Case:

Auguste Dozon, who appears to be someone who has been travelling around the Balkan on various government missions, informs us that he once was staying in Mostar when the following happenings took place. Apparently there was a case of vampirism in an oriental-christian village, about an hour away from Metkovitch. The village elders had made a request to the Pasha to open the grave of a supposed vampire in order to put a stake through its chest. And the Pasha gave his permission. However, the abbot of the monastery of Jitomislitchi got to hear about it just in time and opposed the Pasha's decision. Some foreign consuls intervened as well and managed to calm down the excited villagers. After which the appearances of the vampire seem to have ceased.

The Date:

All we can say is that things must have taken place before the publication of Dozon's book in 1875.

The Place:

It looks like nowadays the border between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina runs right through Metkovic and has split it in two parts. Dozon was in Mostar when he heard about the case, so until we know more, I have put it under Bosnia & Herzegovina rather than Croatia.

Possible Follow-Up:

First read Dozon's version of the happenings. Try to find out more about him and his life. If we know when he was in Mostar, or if we know when he was born, this will help us to put a better date on this case. I could not find the monastery of Jitomislitchi. Maybe you will have better luck...

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