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The Sources:

Montague Summers :
"The Vampire in Europe" [1929]
reprinted by University Books, New York, USA, 1968

According to Summers he had heard this story from a friend, who on his turn had heard it from a Captain Pokrovsky in 1905.

The Case:

I will give you a short version of the events:

Captain Pokrovsky was shown a man who - according to the villagers - was the victim of a vampire. After his second marriage, this man had started fading away. The Captain sent for a doctor, and although the man seemed extremely anaemic, there was no medical explanation. The only thing out of the ordinary was a small puncture in his neck. The doctor prescribed meat juice and red wine. Nevertheless, the man died. The villagers were convinced that the 2nd wife had been the vampire, so she quickly packed her things and left the district.

The Date:

The friend of Montague Summers is reported to have heard the story in 1905. So it will probably have happened some time before.

The Place:

The only location that really gets a mention is Captain Pokrovsky's Lithuanian estates. It's not much, but we may assume that the Captain is a man of importance, so it is not unthinkable that we may still discover where that is at.

Possible Follow-Up:

At least we have the Captain's name. So let's see if we can find out if there was a Pokrovsky family that owned estates in Lithuania, some time around the second half of the 19th Century.

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