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The Sources:

"Vampiro do Linhó: 'Quero provar o teu sangue'"
in: Correio da Manhã, 24-04-2012

"Vampiro do Linhó tenta atacar juízes"
in: Correio da Manhã, 19-05-2012

"Vampiro do Linhó tinha lista de alvos"
in: Correio da Manhã, 02-06-2012

"Vampiro do Linhó apanha pena máxima de cadeia"
in: Correio da Manhã, 07-07-2012

The Case:

In 2006, a man called Bruno, who was reported to be a bit of a Satanist, killed two other prisoners in the hospital section of Linho Prison. The first victim was an inmate called Hugo. After he was killed, Bruno drank his blood. The next victim was a prisoner called Carlos. He too was murdered, but Bruno did not drink his blood because he knew that Carlos had AIDS. He tried to hide the crime by slashing the victims wrists to make it look like suicide.

At his trial, in Cascais, that was held no less than six years after his crimes, the "Vampire" made a serious attempt to attack the judges. He was overpowered by the guards and was taken out of the courtroom. However, he was brought back in again after a break of one hour. One of the witnesses declared that Bruno had a "deathlist" with the names of 6 people that he had been planning to kill. The judges gave the "Vampire" the maximum sentence: 25 years of imprisonment.

The Date:

The trial took place in 2012, but the actual murders date back to 2006. So that seems like the right date to file this under.

The Place:

It so happens that during the eighties I have spent quite a bit of time in and around Lisboa, and wonderful times they were. So I do know the area pretty well and did not even have to look at a map. Linho - and its maximum security prison - can be found West of the capital Lisboa, between the well-known places Estoril and Sintra.

Personal Comments:

I know, I know... This is not quite the kind of undead revenant that we prefer. But the fact remains that blood-drinking killers are also being labeled as "Vampires". For some time I have been thinking that we should have at least one of those "killer vampires" on our files. And, although it seemed tempting to simply reach for some well-known story like "The Vampire of Hannover" or "The Vampire of Düsseldorf", I thought I might as well brush up my Portuguese and have a go at this particular case. It has the added benefit that we can now welcome Portugal on board as a vampire nation.

Possible Follow-Up:

And of course there is the Internet. I have found these 4 articles that seemed to cover the story sufficiently for my purposes. I have left out the full names of the killer and his victims. I have left out many other details, like the names of his accomplices. So there is lots of information for you if you take the trouble to look for it. I have also seen mention of this story in other online newspapers. So if you are interested in the case, just go see what you can find.

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