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The Source:

Karen Lambrecht:
"Wiedergänger und Vampire in Ostmitteleuropa - Posthume Verbrennung statt Hexenverfolgung ?"
in: Jahrbuch für deutsche und osteuropäische Volkskunde, 37, 1994

The Case:

Karen lambrecht informs us that, at the end of a witch trial in Liechtenstein, the corpses of two sorceresses were taken from their grave in order to be cremated. The two "Wiedergängerinnen" had caused damage to both the villagers and their cattle in the village of Lichten. When the graves were opened they were found there looking like fat pigs. The bodies of the women were cremated.

The Date:

We have been given a nice clear date: April 1645.

The Place:

The village of Lichten in Liechtenstein... Sadly and despite the fact that Liechtenstein is one of the smaller countries of Europe, I have not found Lichten as yet. We may first need to find detailed maps of Liechtenstein from the 17th Century.

Personal Comments:

I know, dead witches... Or rather sorceresses, "Zauberinnen" as Karen Lambrecht puts it. They are also called "Wiedergängerinnen". So apparently it is the corpses that are being accused of having damaged both people and cattle. The fact that they are said to have been found in their graves "as fat as pigs", plus the removal of the bodies from the graves in order to cremate them, makes them qualify for inclusion in our list of cases.

Possible Follow-Up:

First of all go find and read the most excellent and informative "Wiedergänger und Vampire in Ostmitteleuropa - Posthume Verbrennung statt Hexenverfolgung ?". Then try to get access to Karen Lambrecht's sources, and I can tell you, this one will be quite a challenge for you.

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