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The Source:

Peter Haining:
"A Dictionary of Vampires"
Robert Hale, London, UK, 2000

The Case:

Ok, for what it is worth... According to Peter Haining there was some kind of vampire scare in the village of Lerici, not far from La Spezia. A person in a long black cloak with a very white face was haunting an olive grove. Several reports are said to have appeared in Italian newspapers. The case is said to have even got a mention in the London Times.

The Date:

The first sighting, or so we are told, was in April 1970. And the "vampire" also was seen in 1976, 1984, and 1992.

The Place:

Lerici can be found on the Italian Westcoast, just South of La Spezia.

Personal Comments:

First let us have a look at our source. I have seen other cases reported by Peter Haining, and some of them did seem more like a joke than something that was meant seriously. Which is fine with me. Just as long as we keep serious and do not fall for such jokes.

Then there is this other thing. Lerici happens to be the place where the British poet Shelley met his death by drowning. So maybe someone is trying to create a new legend around Shelley. Ok, Shelley's body was cremated on the beach, but someone is reported to have snatched his heart from the flames. Apparently Mary Shelley (of Frankenstein fame) kept the heart for all of her life and it appears to have been buried later with the body of their son. I hardly know anything about this son. Maybe they are trying to turn him into a vampire legend. Everything is possible in this strange world. Having seen all the things that I have seen, I am no longer surprised by anything.

Possible Follow-Up:

The only way to find out how much truth there is in this story is to find those newspaper articles. I have tried but have not been succesful yet. Maybe you will have better luck than me.

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