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The Source:

Camille Jullian et al:
"Cadavres percés de Clous"
in: "Revue des Etudes anciennes", Bordeaux, 1902

The Case:

Actually this 2-page article is just a couple of letters between Camille Jullian, A.M.H Gaidoz and Th. Volkov. Julian starts things off writing to Gaidoz about the tombs near the Roman monument of la Penelle.

I quote:

"Parmi les squelettes qui gisaient dans les tombeaux, certains avaient les pieds et la tête percés d'un clou"

"Among the skeletons that are laying in the tombs, there are those that have a nail through their feet and head."

Jullian mentions that something similar has been found in the Gallo-Roman Cemetry of Fos, near the Camargue. And he asks if Gaidoz has any thoughts on those nails and why they are there.

Gaidoz replies that he has published an article on nails, and put together a file on them. But those were different nails. Long ones made of iron, bronze or even silver, but those are isolated cases. And nowhere there is mention that they had been used to nail down the corpse. But, even though he can not give a definite answer, he suggests the following possibility:

"Les squelettes dont vous me parlez auraient-ils été ceux de vampires ou de revenants dont on aurait voulu se débarrasser une bonne fois et pour toujours ? Je vous soumets l'hypothèse, mais sans trop insister, car je vois comme elle est fragile."

"The skeletons of which you are talking, could they have been those of vampires or revenants that people wanted to get rid of once and for all ? I give you the hypothesis but without any pressure for I can see that it is fragile."

The Date:

We are told that the mausoleum dates back to the 1st Century, and that the graves appear to date back to the same time.

The Place:

La Penelle, or le Pennelus can be found in la Penne-sur-Huveaune, East of Marseille on the way to Aubagne.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go try and find Camille Jullian's "Cadavres percés de Clous". It may be only 2 pages, but there are some interesting things in there. Like Volkov writing that, where he comes from, they drive a good old stake through the corpse of sorcerers and vampires. Especially when it is too dry in the summer.

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