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The Source:

Bertrand Bareilles:
"Constantinople - ses Cités Franques et Levantines"
Ed. Bossard, Paris, France, 1918

The Case:

A man had died in Cyzique. And after his death the dogs in the village started dying, one by one. At the same time the rumor started that 2 girls, who were known as very decent girls that would never be messing around with boys, were both pregnant. One of the girls claimed that the dead man had come to her in the night and had beaten her up. She even showed the bruises to prove her story. Some thought that prayers would be sufficient against the undead monster. But the clergy decided that stronger measures would be nescessary. The dead man's grave was opened, the priest said the usual prayers, and performed the symbolic act of stabbing a dagger on the 4 corners of the grave. After this ceremony the grave was closed again.

The Date:

Sadly no date is given. The story however refers to a "Papas" as the priest. This would suggest that the villagers were Greek rather than Turcs. We would have to go back into the history of this region, and see if that helps us any further.

The Place:

The original article refers to Cyzique which is the French name for Cyzicus. Kyzikos is the Greek name. And Aydincik is the Turkish name. The ruins of Kyzikos can be found in Turkey, SouthWest of Istanbul, on the other side of the Sea of Marmara, between Erdek and Bandirma.

Possible Follow-Up:

You could start by finding and reading Bertrand Bareilles' book. His version of the story will undoubtedly be different from mine.

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