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The Source:

Albert Hellweg :
"Verbrechen und Aberglaube"
Verlag Teubner, Leipzig, 1908

The Case:

In Korbesz a man called Georg Tripa had died of pneumonia. But the night after his funeral people claimed that the soul of the deceased had returned. Apparently the soul had been seen flying around, entering stables and bewitching the cattle. It was decided to put an end to these going-ons. At night they went to the cemetery, opened the grave, cut out the dead man's heart, stuck it on a pitchfork and burned it. The authorities decided to take legal action against the "vampire hunters".

The Date:

Sadly, no date has been given. But most of the cases mentioned by Hellweg are from around 1900, which should at least narrow down our search.

The Place:

I haven't found Korbesz as yet. Hellweg puts it under Hungary. But Hungary used to be much larger than it is today, so it is not completely impossible that Korbesz is now located in one of Hungary's neighbouring countries.

Possible Follow-Up:

Find and read Hellweg's version of the story. There must have been a court case, and there must have been newspaper coverage. Try to find it. Also try to find the location of Korbesz. Etc., etc.

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