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The Source:

Paddy Clancy:
"Skeletons reveal our ancestors’ fear of the undead"
in: Irish Examiner, September 12, 2011

Pamela Owen:
"Revealed, Ireland's real-life zombie scare: Eighth century skeletons buried with stones in mouths"
in: MailOnline, 17 September, 2011

"Documentary focus on unique deviant burial find"
Institute of Technology Sligo, Blog Archive, 2011

The Case:

Between 2005 and 2009, or so I am told, a team of "IT Sligo" headed by Christopher Read and an American team from the University of St. Louis headed by Dr. Thomas Finan were digging around in an old burial ground in Kilteasheen. It is there that they found two male skeletons that had been treated in a special way. Both of them had large stones inserted into their mouths. The men, though buried at different times, were found buried alongside each other.

The Date:

The skeletons are said to date back to the 8th Century.

The Place:

Kilteasheen can be found in Ireland, on the East side of Lough Key, somewhere halfway between Longford and Sligo.

Possible Follow-Up:

This find has been extensively covered on the internet. Go check it out. There are newspaper articles, photos and even some video material to be found. And - apparently - a documentary film about the skeletons will be shown on National Geographic sometime in 2012.

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