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The Source:

Gawril Kazarow:
"Vampirglauben in Bulgarien"
in: "Archiv fr Religionswissenschaft" Band 13, Leipzig, 1910

The Case:

In the village of Kestric there was the following tradition which lasted until 1885. If someone from outside the village (i.e. who did not actually live there) died in the village, his corpse was dressed in new clothes and put into a room at the church for the night. The next day he was to be buried. First a belt of wild roses was put around the corpse's waist. Then, when the open coffin had been lowered into the grave, one of the attendants would take an old knife and stab the corpse in the left side of its neck. The villagers explained that the corpse, being a stranger, had been left unattended over the night. So there was no saying if there had not been a cat that had walked over the corpse. Therefore, the stranger had to die a second time to prevent his possible return as a vampire.

The Date:

These practices are said to have taken place until 1885.

The Place:

Kestric is now called Vinitsa and can be found on the NorthEast side of Varna.

Possible Follow-Up:

First check out Gawril Kazarow's letter to the "Archiv fr Religionswissenschaft". It is there that you can find his source. And of course you could always try to find that source as well.

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