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The Source:

Bennie Gartsen :
"Spuktier vom Priester gebannt"
found on the excellent site: www.verhalenbank.nl

The Case:

This then, more or less, is the story :

There was an old farm at the edge of Keijenburg that appeared to be haunted. At night, mysteriously, the cattle was let out of their stables, doors that were locked were standing open next day and there were lots of strange things going on. Buckets of Holy Water were thrown around the place but nothing seemed to work. Apparently there was some entity in the attic that looked like a cross between a cat and a bat. People who had seen it said that it was like a weird kind of vampire-bat. The local priest did his best to get rid of the thing, but his exorcisms and other measures did not seem to work. The cattle stopped producing milk and got ill.

Then a priest from the Monastery of Kraanborg came by. He ordered the farmers to put a wagon at the ready with six strong horses in front of it. Together with the local priests and the farmers he kept praying all night long. It all but killed them but in the end they had succeeded in getting the monster on the car. It looked quite horrible with long teeth and green eyes. The thing was taken to a lonely spot and apparently left there.

The Date:

Sadly no date is mentioned. The person who reports this story has heard it from his grandfather. So we may assume that it is not a recent case, if it is a case at all.

The Place:

Although the place is called Keijenburg in the story it seems clear that we are talking about Keijenborg, which can be found in the East of our country, a little under Hengelo. Both other places that are mentioned, Kraanborg (or Kranenburg) and Steenderen are in the same region and not so far away.

Personal Comments:

I will be the first to admit that this does sound like a made up tale with various elements that could have been borrowed from other stories. But it would be a little bit too easy to dismiss it on those grounds. It is always possible that actual things may have happened on which this tale is based. We must keep all options open. Please note that the behaviour of the vampire cat-bat is not unlike that of some of the vampires we can find in the Balkan. Poltergeist-like messing around with things. Draining the cattle of their energy. Proper Vampire Bats are of course completely unknown to our country. We do have bats and we do have cats, but there it ends. It might be interesting though to check when vampire-bats were first discovered. In South-America, I assume. And the word "vampire" must already have existed.

Obviously I have to say thank you very much to Joel who brought this story to my attention.

Possible Follow-Up:

Never take my word for it. Go find and read the story for yourself. We could go to Keijenborg and see if anyone else knows this story. Or we can try to find books about that particular region and see if there is anything in there. We could see if the Monastery of Kraanborg has ever existed or still exists. There may be documents, reports, diaries, whatever. If we don't look for them we will never know.

2009 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last changed 27 December 2009

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