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The Source:

A. Löwenstimm :
"Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]
Verlag Johannes Räde, Berlin, 1897

The Case:

In the year of 1889, in a village called Jelischanki in the district Saratov, some peasants went to the cemetery and opened the grave of a deceased alcoholic. They took out the corpse and threw it in a river.

The Date:

We have been given the year of 1889.

The Place:

I could not find a place called Jelischanki. However, I suspect that Löwenstimm refers to Elshanka (pronounce: Jelshanka) which is close to Saratov.

The Place:

This is an interesting demonstration of the superstition that drunks may become vampires after their death.

Possible Follow-Up:

Find and read the book by Löwenstimm. His source is an official publication by the Government of Saratov. We can probably find further information in there.

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