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The Source:

T.P. Vukanovic : "The Vampire"
in: Jan L. Perkowski (ed.) : "Vampires of the Slavs" [1976]
Slavica Publishers Inc., Cambridge - Mass., USA, 1976

The Case

In the village of Janiste, in Donji Polog, in Macedonia, a woman called Karolinka became a vampire after her death. For a year she haunted her relatives, who got fed up with it and told the authorities about it. The police was sent over. They fired their guns at the vampire, it made a hasty retreat and was never seen again.

The Date:

We haven't been given a date. Vukanovic's "The Vampire" was published as a series of articles between 1957 and 1959. So all we can say is that the story must be older than that.

The Place:

In the book the village is called Janiste. I did find a small place called Janciste West of Skopje. This may well be the place.

Possible Follow-Up:

Read Vukanovic's version of the story. First in the Perkowski book, then in the magazine in which it was originally published. There might be further information there.

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