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The Source:

A. Löwenstimm :
"Aberglaube und Strafrecht" [1897]
Verlag Johannes Räde, Berlin, 1897

The Case:

In the year of 1887, in the village of Ivanovka in the district of Cherson, a farmer had hanged himself and was buried in the cemetery. A terrible drought began, and the villagers decided that the dead man had become a vampire and was the reason why it wasn't raining. At first the farmers tried pouring water on the grave, while they were saying magical spells. When it did not help, the coffin was dug up and reburied somewhere near an old wall.

The Date:

We do have a date: in the year of 1887.

The Place:

There is an Ukrainian place called Ivanovka or Ivanivka within the Cherson district. It is on the coast of the Black Sea.

Possible Follow-Up:

Go find a copy of Löwenstimm's "Aberglaube und Strafrecht". It shouldn't be hard to find. Löwenstimm does give you his source, which is a newspaper article from 1867. Please note the date. One of the dates we have been given must be wrong. Find out which one...

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