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Introduction :

Once upon a time, there was a Highgate Vampire... Or was there ?

Over the years, I have collected a ridiculous amount of material about the Highgate case. Well, supposing that it is a case... I have been in personal contact and correspondence with some of the people who are reported to be or present themselves as being the main witnesses to the supposed happenings in Highgate. I have collected lots of books and letters, newspaper articles, photos, videos, sound recordings, and the Good Lord only knows what else. I have come to the conclusion that it seems likely that there may have been some strange phenomena (perhaps I should say going-ons ?) at the time. But I personally find it very hard to believe that there has ever been a true undead vampire corpse in Highgate Cemetery. Or any place else for that matter. So why then do I run this site ? Because I am interested in the remarkable popular beliefs and delusions about the Undead. Fascinating as it may be, let us not forget that the most logical explanation for these vampires is all in the mind.

So how are we going to deal with this particular case ? I guess that it will be best to try and stick to our usual format. But in this case, I will refrain from giving you a synopsis as there exists such a plethora of material, much of which appears to be contradictory. For the moment I will be satisfied to indicate some of the material that is available on the case and - as always - it will be up to you what to make of it. Personally, I have never had any wish to become part of the "Highgate Vampire Circus", where people are rolling in the street trying to kill off each other's reputation. For I have better things to do. I only fell for it, because it seemed like something interesting at the time, especially since it was rather recent. At the time.

Again - as always - I want you to come to your own conclusions, rather than blindly follow the findings of someone else, and that includes myself. I do hope to add much further material to this page, if and when I am given the time to do so.

Obviously, our two main sources will be Sean Manchester and David Farrant. So - for the moment - I urge you to see what these two gentlemen have to say. For the time being, I will simply point you to their most relevant publications and leave it at that.

Sean Manchester's versions of the Case :

The story as told in Peter Underwood's "The Vampire's Bedside Companion", 1975 :

Make sure that you do not miss this one. It will be amusing and of serious interest comparing it to some of Mr. Manchester's later publications and statements.

The story as told in "The Haunting of Hell House", 1975 :

This magazine article will be pretty hard to find, no doubt, but it is also quite interesting in view of some of the later revisions.

The story as told in "The Highgate Vampire", 1985 :

Best of the lot, no doubt, with plenty of fascinating photographs. This is the most exciting version of the story. If you have not read this version, and compared it to the other ones, I would suggest: give it up and do not even consider any serious investigation or evaluation of this case.

The story as told in "The Highgate Vampire", 1991 :

What can I say ? At this stage Mr. Manchester had become a priest, a bishop even, and to me (being of a suspiscious nature) it might perhaps look as if he wanted to do a serious revision of the things that he had published before. Some of his previous writings were no longer in line with his newly found status. Anyway, whatever the reason, it is not my problem. As always, I am urging you all to do your own research. So get out of your chairs and do go read Mr. Manchester's books and other publications. ALL OF THEM !

David Farrant's versions of the Case :

"Beyond the Highgate Vampire" (1992) :

Interesting little book which, apart from offering further information, should well be worth its price for some of the photos that are in there. If you are going to read Manchester's books, you also need to read Farrant's ones, so you will get a more complete view.

"The Vampire Syndrome - the Truth behind the Highgate Vampire Legend" (2000) :

Another nice publication that should be of help to clear up some of the misinformation that we may have been handed by other sources. Not to be missed, if you want to figure out what this case is about.

"Dark Secrets - A True story of Satanism, Black Magic and Modern Day Witchcraft exhortations" (2001) :

And yet another book that has to be on your reading list if you do have a serious interest in the Highgate case. It covers David Farrant's life in an autobiographical manner, from the early days when he was first initiated into Wicca, through his trials and imprisonment, up to the present days.

"Man, Myth and Manchester" - 8 issues - (2000-2002)

Informative little publication. Not to be missed. Sometimes it may seem a little bit too personal. But over the years, just like Mr. Farrant, I think that I have had to suffer my share of misinformation, propaganda, lies and other unpleasant stuff sent out by people trying to destroy my reputation. Hey, I can laugh about it, most of the time. And it does help to know that there must be at least a hundred people or more, some of them much better people than myself, who have received the same disgraceful treatment or worse from the people who are cowardly hiding behind a certain Highgate P.O.box. As far as I am concerned, no problem. But I can well imagine that there are others around who have suffered much worse than I have. Let's say like uh... Mr. Farrant ?

The Dates :

Let us not forget that according to Sean Manchester there are actually two vampire cases. There is the "King Wampyr" that he is supposed to have destroyed. And there is his ex-girlfriend "Lusia" who came back from the grave in the shape of a gigantic demonic spider. Or so we are told. There are lots of other dates as well, that are not without relevance. Hey, I am not here to make your life easier. I will keep those dates and other facts until the day when I hope to add some of my more personal comments to this page. In the meantime, you can easily find them elsewhere.

For what they are worth, Mr. Manchester does give us various dates. And so does Mr. Farrant. Well, at least you do have some things (I find it hard to always call them facts) to follow up upon. Go check them out !


Highgate Cemetery is situated in the North of London. Unsurprisingly, in Highgate. In the past it was easy to go to the cemetery and take pictures. But total control of the cemetery is now in the hands of "The Friends of Highgate Cemetery". In October 1985 I joined the friends for a year, so I could find out more about their activities, receive their newsletters and stay informed about and visit the "open days" that they organised. Sadly, these days, the friends have become less friendly than you might expect. There is no more walking around on your own, without a guide. Absurd restrictions have been introduced as far as photography or filming is concerned. Many of the beautiful trees that once gave the cemetery its special atmosphere have been chopped down and sold for firewood. I have been told that it is still possible to visit the old side of the cemetery on a guided (or should I say guarded) tour. But there also appear to be restrictions as to the number of people that can go on a tour, so you will be lucky if they will even let you in. From what I have last heard, video is out of the question, unless you first negociate ridiculous prices. And permission to take photos will also cost you extra money. Apart from that, there are all kinds of silly rules on what you can or can not take photos of. Sadly, from what I have heard, those "open days" now seem to be something of the faraway past.

Personal Comments: SEAN MANCHESTER

Ok... So let us start with the books by Sean Manchester. His picture above I took on a walk that we made through Highgate Wood way back in 1992. On to the books then. Despite the fact that I am a great fan of Chrissie Demant's amazing artwork, which is featured in the "revised edition", I much prefer the earlier "Highgate Vampire" edition that was published by the "British Occult Society" in 1985. The later shall we say "expurgated edition" was of course published at a time when Sean was seriously trying to present himself to the media and to the public as a proper priest rather than an "occult researcher", a "white magician", the "President of the Occult Society", "Lord Manchester", or even "Britain's Psychic Number One". Obviously, you ought to have both versions of the book, for it is entertaining and enlightening to read them side by side and note all the changes and differences. Be sure to put the earlier version from "The Vampire's Bedside Companion" next to them, and you may find it even more amusing.

Much of what I wanted to tell you has already been said when I made my comments on the different versions of Sean's story. So I am not going into that again. Hey, I want to inspire you to go do your own bit of research. That is all that this site is about. Having said that, it is definitely worth the trouble of checking all the original newspaper articles and such as well.

Personal Comments: DAVID FARRANT

And let us not forget David Farrant. His picture above I took on a visit to his home in 1995. Like so many others, he too has been suffering from the infamous Manchester Propaganda Factory and undoubtedly worse than anyone else in this world. It has not stopped him from publishing some rather interesting material about the happenings at Highgate. It is true. None of David's material that I have read seems quite as sensational and fantastic as Sean's wild inventions, but it is much more factual and much more realistic. If you are going to read Sean's stories, and of course you should, then you should definitely read David's books as well to get a more complete picture.

Personal Comments: KEV DEMANT

And - by all means - let us not forget THE WORLD'S GREATEST AND MOST SERIOUS HIGHGATE VAMPIRE INVESTIGATOR that I have ever met so far: Kev Demant, who appears to have put much more time and energy into the research of the Highgate Vampire than anyone else in this world. He has managed to unearth all of the old newspaper articles. He has stuck his neck out and has been in touch with most of the people who were involved in the case, as well as with those who were connected with the case. Together with his wife Chrissie, he has published the now legendary VAT zine. Despite the intimidations of a certain cleric and his band of not so merry men, they then went on and published the equally legendary "Suspended in Dusk", thus making available loads of hitherto unknown information about the Highgate affair and the people involved.

"Suspended in Dusk" - 6 issues - (1998-2000)

I bet that you will have a hell of a time trying to find copies of this brilliant and most informative fanzine. Having said that, hey, it should not be impossible. If you are indeed a serious and determined vampire researcher, little things like this should never stop you. Just use your brain, and you will find something somewhere no doubt.

Possible Follow-Up:

For what it's worth, let me give you my personal opinion. After spending more than two decades seriously looking into this case, it seems pretty clear to me that there is no factual basis for the vampire part of the story. It is completely based on the testimony of one single man who - again in my personal opinion - can hardly be considered to be a trustworthy witness. Sure, there is no doubt about it that certain well-documented things did happen at Highgate at the time. But the fantastic stories of "Lord Manchester" destroying the "King Vampire" and the "White Magician" destroying the "Demonic Spider" ? Come on guys, get real ! That is definitely not what this site is about.

So - to me - there does not seem to be an awful lot that we can do. However, if YOU are willing to take Sean's word for what is supposed to have happened, by all means, do go ahead and investigate. Be sure to compare all of Sean's different revisions of the story, and see how they have changed over the years. Fortunately for you, he has explanations for everything that you may find suspicious. Still not satisfied ? Then do get in touch with him and find out for yourself what kind of stuff he is made of. And if indeed you decide to do get in touch with him, all I can say is that I do wish you the best of luck. You may be going to need it.

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First of all I would like to express my gratitude to Sean Manchester and a few of his associates. Thank you, Bishop Sean. Thank you Lady Sarah. What else ? Very much obliged (a little more sincerely this time) for your hospitality : Diana Brewster and son. Thank you Brother Keith. Without your help I would never have solved one of the many mysteries surrounding Sean. And, of course, let's not forget : Thank you Phill. Thank you Barbara. And, being in a good mood today, I will even say thanks to Sean's imaginary lawyer whose name escapes me for the moment, but who - if I remember it correctly - has sent me a few messages (legal threats, were they ?) that were quite entertaining. Thanks all ! Without the help of you guys I bet I would still be at a loss of what to make of the famous Highgate Vampire case.

Thanks also to certain, shall we say, "transatlantic friends", who have done their utmost trying to prevent me from getting, being and staying in touch with Sean Manchester. Sorry guys and gals, it so happens that I am immune to any kind of pressure.

And now for something completely diferent. Sincere and well-meant thanks to David Farrant, who welcomed me into his house on a few occassions, and who was willing to discuss and share his information about the case (unlike some). I also very much appreciate the fact that David has a good sense of humor (again, unlike some). Thank you very much, David.

Of course, without a doubt, a very very very great, well-meant and most sincere thank you should go to my good friends Kev and Chrissie Demant. Kev has gone through the trouble of digging up all of the original newspaper articles and very much more. If there is anyone who has ever done serious historical research into the Highgate Vampire case, then without a doubt it must be Kev Demant. If we have to nominate one single expert in this world who seems to know absolutely EVERYTHING about the Highgate case, I will definitely put my money on Kev Demant. What can I say ? Kev, I owe you more than one. Cheers, mate.

Sincere thanks also to author Ramsey Campbell for answering one of my questions at the speed of lightening. Most respectful thanks to Bishop Vermeulen who most kindly shared some rather interesting bits of background information regarding Sean's "Episcopal Consecration" where he happened to be one of the attending bishops. A very great thank you also to Jennie Gray who - at the risk of excommunication - once sent me some fascinating material about the case. Thanks very much also to certain most friendly and rather informative people from a small but beautiful village in the North of Wales who for obvious reasons prefer to remain nameless, and I can not blame them. They too, have been of great help to me in solving yet another weird Sean related mystery. Just like two of my Dutch friends who accompanied me there, one of whom has most sadly died since our vist to Wales. And there are many more. Way too many to mention each and everyone of them. But I want to give a great big thank you to all of them.

© 2009 by Rob Brautigam - NL - Last changed 19 November 2009
Photo of Highgate Cemetery - © 1986 by Rob Brautigam - Photo of Sean Manchester - © 1992 by Rob Brautigam
Photo of David Farrant - © 1995 by Rob Brautigam

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